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The gardening school Neukölln invites you to the autumn festival between 10:00 and 17:00. The Neukölln Gardening School has everything a beautiful garden can offer. Flowers, herbs, bees, ants, sheep, fruit trees and more.

Biene auf einer Blüte
Biene auf einer Blüte © AHOJ!

Environmental education for children is high on the agenda, so it's also an alternative place for school lessons.

The August Heyn Gardening School Neukölln is primarily used as a green classroom by Neukölln school classes of all ages with their teachers. Kitas, too, can already usefully incorporate many possibilities into their educational work.

The AHGASN is a place of learning open to all. It is a facility that can be used by all teachers to supplement their classroom teaching with hands-on components that would be difficult to implement in school. The teaching method of "discovery learning" is to be the main focus.

The gardening school is a research garden in which the students can pursue scientific questions, i.e. the focus of their work is on questions posed by the students, which are to be researched on site. 
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August-Heyn-Gartenarbeitsschule Neukölln
August-Heyn-Gartenarbeitsschule Neukölln