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Politics and art. Talk and music. Show and improvisation. Great topics, good guests and news from the cultural periphery. From The Incredible Herrengedeck and Zora Schock from the Tsootsies.

KEY VISUAL Attitüden Plattitüden
KEY VISUAL Attitüden Plattitüden © C_Promo

Vol. 7: Supermarket

Hunting and gathering has become decision-making in the supermarket. Over 10,000 items to choose from. And over 10,000 of the world's problems congregate on a few metres of shelves. Pesticides and plastic.

Vegan trends and vague animal welfare labels. Transported tomatoes and torpedoed tariffs. Minimum wage and inflation. A range from deposit receipts to systemic relevance and from regional to global. We will again try the impossible to cover all this in a single show. How? With lots of posturing and platitudes!


  • Marja Marlene Lechner
  • Lizzy and the Palm

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