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A historical walk by the Förderverein zum Gedenken an Nazi-Verbrechen um und auf dem Tempelhofer Flugfeld e.V. - From 1939/40 to 1945, several thousand people from all over Europe were forced to work in the armaments industry at Tempelhofer Feld. They worked in the large airport building that still dominates the Airlift Square today. The forced laborers were housed in three barracks camps that are visible from afar. Today, no traces of these camps are visible on Tempelhofer Feld. From 2012 to 2015, however, archaeological excavations were able to uncover remains of this great crime.

Gedenkstele für Zwangsarbeiterlager auf dem Tempelhofer Feld.
Gedenkstele für Zwangsarbeiterlager auf dem Tempelhofer Feld. © Dr. Martin Jander

The guided tour will shed light on the history of forced labor at Tempelhofer Feld and show what an archaeology of modernity can contribute to the study of sites of National Socialist terror.
Additional information
Tour guide: Kathrin Misterek (archaeologist).
Tour language: German.
Meeting point: Columbia Concentration Camp Memorial; Columbiadamm/Golßener Straße, 10965 Berlin.
Cost: 5.- €uro
KZ Denkmal „Columbia“
KZ Denkmal „Columbia“