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The femBlack Performance Collective are 5 Black performers and see themselves as an intersectional, decolonial, queer-feminist, Black collective that negotiates personal contexts of experience artistically/performatively.

Five performers, a master of ceremonies in a headquarters as a musical artery on a three-dimensional playground; many crawling ants and other flickering snippets of memory that reflect silvery black futures in Germany.

What do their memories look like in the future? What past Black futures will inspire you tomorrow? What tools do they use to dance their way into the future they want? How do fissures and ambivalences become overcoming questions of identity and portals for the unforeseen?

In the dance performance another space/memory, femBlack Performance Collective questions memories as a machine body that dances beyond itself and marks a journey in which black queer bodies can let go.

another space/memory is an in-between space and a gentle invitation to travel through a collaged archive of memories, witnessing transformative processes of healing and empowerment, creating new approaches to their bodies and speculating about Black identities in the future.
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