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Fathers, girlfriends and graffiti: Sunny's life is thrown into disarray after she experiences the loss of her beloved father through illness and death. Her relationship with Erik ends while a close friend turns her back on her.

What remains are memories of her father, her family and the nest, which has now changed. She remembers her exciting and sometimes dangerous youth in the seething, reunified Berlin of the 1990s. Her friends Jessi, Alma and Katharina, who all had very different fathers than her, also play an important role.

In her personal novel, actress Anne Kanis sensitively tells of her own process of mourning and remembering. She describes the happiness of being born into a loving family and the pain when loved ones leave the earth. She remembers forays with her friends through a city in transition and a possible new love that is slowly emerging.

Reading with author discussion, moderated by Marion Brasch, and live jazz music by the duo “Shrunk”.

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