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Singer Andrea Berg stands for real emotions, provides stomach tingling, goose bumps and feelings of happiness and always offers unforgettable and breathtaking shows in sold-out arenas: in the summer of 2022 finally again in the Berlin Waldbühne.

Waldbühne Berlin
Waldbühne Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Since 1992, the pop singer presents great feelings, love and passion. She has sold over 13 million records, broken records and inspired countless people with her music.

The spectacular open air stage show, newly conceived especially for the outstanding occasion "30 years of Andrea Berg", combines all super hits of the exceptional artist, breathtaking stage sets and unique outfits - pure emotions! A true hit fireworks and an unforgettable party with the fans under the open sky are guaranteed. Simply the BEST from 30 years of Andrea Berg!

"30 years - that's an incredible time connected with so many moments and memories that I will keep deep in my heart forever. One thing I promise you: We will really let it rip together in 2022 - that will be our year!", Andrea Berg rejoices.

This sensational summer open air event in Berlin's historic Waldbühne with its incomparable flair promises lots of surprises and a unique party that her fans should not miss!

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Waldbühne Berlin