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Gropius Bau presents Apis Gropius (2022) - a unique, site-specific augmented reality experience by Ana Prvački. Prvački is the first Digital Artist in Residence of Gropius Bau 2021/2022.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Ana Prvački: Apis Gropius
Ana Prvački

From 8 July, Prvački's Apis Gropius can be experienced by all visitors directly on site in the atrium of the exhibition building. For the first immersive augmented reality experience in the Gropius Bau, Prvački was inspired by the botanical motifs embedded in the architecture of the exhibition building. Prvački's digital work also picks up on the larger programmatic themes of the Gropius Bau: Hospitality, Natural Structures and Ecology.

In three immersive audiovisual experiences, Apis Gropius introduces the viewer to a semi-fictional bee species of the same name. Since the bombing during the Second World War, Apis Gropius has been living and pollinating behind the historic walls of the Gropius Bau. The architecture of the building comes to life before the viewer's eyes. At the same time, we get to know the bees with their inventive forms of organisation and gain insights into their way of life, architecture and social structures.

The artist's project derives from her long-standing interest in bees - in particular, her idea that bees are our hosts on this planet and that we depend on their pollination. Apis Gropius is experienced in English with German subtitles and is a site-specific exploration of natural patterns derived from coneflowers (Echinacea), swarm movements, parabolic arcs and the everyday activities of bees. On the one hand, Apis Gropius shows playful humour that is characteristic of Prvački's work, on the other hand, the project is based on scientific and taxonomic research on bees and botany and explores the connections between nature, history and economy.

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