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Dance performance

Created from a need to demonstrate the role of society as a prominent factor in shaping our interactions and experiences as women who have been born and brought up in two completely different worlds, am I two? brings certain deep seated conflicts and tensions to the surface.

KEY VISUAL Am I two? © Alex DePew and assisted by Kseniia Yanko

Reflecting and addressing the various burdens and privileges shared by women as a collective whole, this piece provides us with a way to also question and challenge the current hierarchies and structures in place that facilitate the constant struggle to fight to have our space and place in the current world.
Additional information
Vasundhara Srivastava is a contemporary dancer and movement artist. Her movement style is influenced from traditional Indian dance and martial arts along with jazz, traditional Indian folk and commercial dance. She is currently working as a freelance contemporary dancer, yoga teacher, dance teacher and choreographer in Berlin as well as doing dance photography, screen dance, and collaborating with different disciplines and artists for her work.


Hannah Heyde was born in Berlin and has been professionally trained in contemporary dance, ballet, modern dance and jazz by doing her dance education at Berlin Dance Institute.

In 2022 she was part of the Pilot Project Residency (a collaborative research opportunity) at ada Studio. She is currently working as a freelance contemporary dancer in Berlin and has performed at various institutions along with teaching creative children’s dance, street dance and ballet.
Participating artists
Vasundhara Srivastava
Hannah Heyde