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AFICIONADO is the new project of Moroccan Berlin-based oud player Alaa Zouiten. It is an omnipresent celebration of two great musical traditions: Flamenco and Maghrebi-North African music. Through Alaa's pieces, which he recently composed in Granada, AFICIONADO makes a case for a transcultural acoustic environment in which the three styles blend naturally and easily.

Alaa Zouiten
Alaa Zouiten © Iveta Rysava

Thus a "Fandango" can flawlessly pave the way for an ancient chant from the Andalusian "Nuba", a "Tangos" can sound just as rhythmically North African as harmonically jazzy, or an Arabic "Samai" can lead to a "Solea Flamenca". The boundaries fall and clear the horizon for a festive musical experience in which the musicians become one with the audience - for the sake of the beauty of the music!

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