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Punk Disko Night

The legendary SO36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg is hosting a punk disco night. Guests of the previous punk concert do not pay admission, but can just stay in.

Additional information


Accompanying persons have free entry.
There is no need to buy an extra ticket, just show your (B) certificate
Mobility restrictions for visitors:
The main entrance has three steps. Wheelchair users can enter via the side entrance. The highest threshold there is about 3cm and experience has shown that it can be easily mastered even by heavy e-wheelers. This entrance must be unlocked during events, which our colleagues at the door are happy to do. We ask for a little patience if the situation does not allow it, but as a rule you will be given priority.

In SO36 itself there are two small thresholds at the fire doors, about 1 cm high.

The door to the smoking area is unfortunately quite narrow and not easy for a large e-wheelchair to pass through. There is little room to turn around in the room itself.

There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet with an Euro-key, additionally the key is available at the counter or at the cash register/door.
Beanbag Seats
We have two beanbag seats which are available on request. Please let the office know about a week in advance (by phone on 030/61401306 or by email to concerts with a platform:
If you are going to a concert, you can also request a platform with a ramp. If it's somehow feasible, we'll set it up in a spot with a good view. Please let the office know about a week in advance (by phone on 030/61401306 or by email to