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The reunification also left its mark on the people of Prenzlauer Berg: the Oderberger Straße, which is attractive to tourists today, was a cul-de-sac until 1989, ending at the Wall, a large part of the old building stock in the neighborhood fell into disrepair and today's U2 subway line only ran to Thälmannplatz.

Many traces of the GDR era can still be traced today, but a great change has also taken place. Streets and subway stations have different names today. The Kulturbrauerei shows how vacancies enable the use of cultural freedom.

Kollwitzplatz is the center of a hip, gentrified neighborhood that has very little to do with the crumbling old building stock and East Berlin bohemianism of the 1980s.

The walk begins at the museum in the Kulturbrauerei and ends at Kollwitzplatz.
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Meeting point: Registration at the information desk in the museum