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On a total of five stages and in a large outdoor area, an exciting program full of literature, performances and live music, comedy and poetry with writers and artists from Africa and the Diaspora will be offered.

African Book Festival 2022
African Book Festival 2022 © African Book Festival 2022

For three days, authors will explore this year's theme, "Yesterday.Today.Tomorrow." In panels, they reflect on the influence of older generations on current writing and ask for new forms, styles and global stories.

The youngest can participate actively on Family Day. In cooperation with FEZ Berlin, there will be children's book readings, face painting, water games and painting classes, picture book cinema, and discussion panels on topics such as empowerment and (e.g. black or bi-national) parenthood.

curated by Lidudumalingani

In addition, there will be a book table, food trucks with African food and market stalls with fashion, arts and crafts.

The AFRICAN BOOK FESTIVAL brings the most renowned authors, poets and artists from Africa and the Diaspora to Berlin every year.

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Since 2018, the African Book Festival has provided a platform for intellectual debate and contemporary literature from the African continent.

The festival goes far beyond the mere presentation of new books and authors. It also has a political function.

The authors who come to the African Book Festival are rarely to be found on German bookshelves, although they are internationally known and have often been awarded the most important literary prizes in the world.

A rather one-sided portrayal of the African continent as a place of animals and savannahs and at the same time as a place of doom in the form of poverty, flight, hardships and violence is perpetuated by a lack of selection and translations in the local bookstores and perpetuates prejudices.

The aim of the festival is therefore to promote greater awareness of the existence of intellectual debates, outstanding art and especially excellent contemporary literature in all 54 recognized African countries and to enter into conversation. At the same time, Berlin will be further established as a cosmopolitan cultural center.

The festival program is designed by a different African literary personality each year, which means that new accents are always set, while the immense diversity of Africa is taken into account with a changing regional, linguistic and cultural focus.

Through the enthusiasm for literature, the African Book Festival connects people in Europe and Africa, creates space for intercultural dialogue at eye level and thus enables a change of perspective that is important in the Berlin area and unique in this dimension.

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