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Kerzen erhellen die Dunkelheit
Kerzen erhellen die Dunkelheit © Getty Images, Foto: DIMUSE
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8. Long Night of Religions 2019

Over 100 religious communities, synagogues, churches, mosques, temples and parish halls will open their doors this evening. With exhibitions, concerts, lectures or guided tours of the house, the different religions want to inform and enter into dialogue with people of other worldviews.


Verschiedene Synagogen und Kirchen



Gendarmenmarkt 10117  Berlin

The central kick-off event will take place on 15.6. from 12-14 pm on the Gendarmenmarkt instead (forecourt French church). After a salutation by the pastor of the French Friedrichstadt church, Meike Waechter, as well as by the CEO Peter Amsler, the mayor and senator dr. Klaus Lederer opens the Long Night of Religions.

Afterwards, the opening event as well as the offers in the afternoon and evening hours are under the central motto "Water of Life". In addition to a musical contribution of the working group "Music of Religions", representatives of the Candomblé religion, accompanied by drum music and dances, will clean the steps of the French Cathedral as part of their water ritual.

Join us and enjoy the picturesque backdrop of the Gendarmenmarkt with sounds, dances and Afro-Brazilian spirituality. The detailed program can be found at

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