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"Who doesn't want to stay in life?" This is the motto of the "Festival of New Political Song" this year from 15 to 17 September.

Numerous anniversaries are receiving attention this year, such as the 50th anniversary of the coup in Chile, the related death anniversaries of the writer Pablo Neruda, the former president of Chile, Salvador Allende, the musician and singer Victor Jara or the 10th World Festival of Youth and Students in Berlin, which took place 50 years ago.

They all unite the thoughts of peace, life and international understanding. Thoughts that are more topical than ever.

Programme FESTIVAL DAY 2

„Willi, Wally, Werner und das Schweinchen Wurstel fahren zu den Weltfestspielen"
  • Feature film DEFA 1973, 45 min

Three children from a small Mecklenburg village secretly travel to Berlin to give Angela Davis a "lucky pig".

Admission: 10 € / reduced 7 €

4:00 pm
Tino Eisbrenner & Mitch Walking Elk ( concert and talk)

Mitch Walking Elk (72) is a singer-songwriter from the Cheyenne-Arapaho Nation.
His biography "I Will Never Surrender" paints the life picture of a native american in North America. Child poverty, lack of perspective, alcohol, crime, ... but also spirituality, creativity, political and social commitment.
Walking Elk is a member of the American Indian Movement, the Indian civil rights movement. Much of what Mitch Walking Elk has to tell, he tells in his songs, American song material between country folk and blues, between love songs and protest songs of a seasoned singer of the First Nation.
Walking Elk does concerts in Germany and some of them together with the German song poet and peace activist Tino Eisbrenner. This creates evenings between two worlds that touch each other tangibly...

  • Admission: 17 € / reduced 14 €

18:00 h
"Wer die Erde liebt" ("Who Loves the Earth")

DEFA Studio for Documentary Films, 1973, colour, 69 min

This documentary shows uncommented impressions of the X. World Festival 1973 in East Berlin. Eight million young people from all over the world came together to celebrate. The filmmakers captured original sounds of young people discussing, of the musical contributions and the speeches. For example, of the American civil rights activist Angela Davis, who gave a speech in German.

  • Admission: 10 € / reduced 7 €

7:30 pm
"It concerns us together"

Concert with the Erich Fried Choir

  • Admission: 17 € / reduced 14 €

The familiar reductions apply under the usual conditions. ( Children, pupils, trainees, students, benefit recipients, severely disabled persons - minus 3 € )

In addition, there is a special festival offer:
We offer a discount system for visiting several events.

What else?

Between the events there will always be spontaneous opportunities to exchange, discuss, remember or get to know the 1973 summer in Berlin by means of our "World Festival LP Disco".
Short films will be shown, you can see the history of the Festival of Political Song in an exhibition and much more.

Of course, we will also take care of the physical well-being. Our bars will be open and there will be international snack specialities.