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Das Gipfeltreffen des Kabaretts in der Hauptstadt – Live + Livestream

Arnulf Rating again invites to the Political Ash Wednesday, the annual summit meeting of satire in the Friedrichstadt-Palast. With Urban Priol, Thilo Seibel, Lisa Fitz, Michael Hatzius and a surprise guest, once again top performers of German-language cabaret will compete.

Friedrichstadt Palast am Abend
Friedrichstadt Palast am Abend © Friedrichstadt Palast, Foto Bernd Brundert

This day of reckoning and departure will be celebrated live as well as streamed live. The Swingin' Hermlins will provide the musically elegant framework.  

The last federal elections have shown it: there are no more people's parties. Representatives of shrunken minor parties want to tackle the mammoth task of averting the climate catastrophe. Yet the four largest parties in the country do not even have solutions in their programs that will make it possible to achieve the climate targets for 2030. So there's not much coming from the parties except hot air.

This is the situation in which the 2022 Political Ash Wednesday in Berlin will provide the stage for the day of reckoning. While the party representatives retreat to the hinterland, the Berlin Political Ash Wednesday fills the vacuum in the capital. For years now, the event has featured a select group of word artists who have come together especially for the occasion.

(Program in German)

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