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Live on tour! The worldwide successful production is back with fresh songs, proven classics and a show that clears up all previous clichés about the probably most exciting vocal subject of vocal music. In the past years THE 12 TENORS gained an excellent reputation especially in China, Japan and Germany.

The 12 Tenors
The 12 Tenors Highlight Concerts GmbH

Coming together from different nations, they know only one goal: to infect their audience. To infect them with their intoxicating passion for music. From serious classical arias like "Nessun Dorma," to pop anthems like "Music," to a newly arranged and choreographed Michael Jackson medley: never has music from a single voice range been so diverse. Because tenors can do even more. They can dance spectacularly, present charmingly and switch unerringly between styles... and they look stunning to boot. A treat for the eyes and ears.

THE 12 TENORS combine the tastes of several generations through their distinctive classic yet modern sound. If there is a boy group that unites young and old, then it is THE 12 TENORS. THE 12 TENORS inspire not only visually and musically, but above all through their intoxicating energy on stage. Accompanied by an international live band, the exceptional singers with their powerful voices prove that no genre is safe from them and no audience can resist their charm. The elaborately staged light show puts another exclamation mark behind a production that is unique in this form!

Of course, THE 12 TENORS remain true to their tradition of reinterpreting popular native songs of the host country and bringing them to the stage. With this they bow to their great audience!

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