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A day of debate on looting, restitution and cooperation

Objects and works of art are witnesses to history and society. Sometimes they tell of love, cohesion and the future. Often, however, they are and were an expression of violence, abuse and robbery.

The 10 stories of objects told in the temporary exhibition "Art as Loot" can only serve as examples of the thousands of stories surrounding the objects in the Humboldt Forum.
On the debate day, we will continue these stories: experts and academics will provide insights into provenance research, share knowledge and point out possible solutions for how the stories of the objects can be further shaped in the future. 

In various formats, you can both listen and talk directly to experts.

We will publish exact details of the program at the beginning of March. The event is free of charge. Registration is not required.

The temporary exhibition "Kunst als Beute. 10 stories" can be visited from March 22 on the 3rd floor in room 312.

- free of charge, no registration required
- Language: German, English
- Location: Mechanical arena in the foyer
- Belongs to: Art as prey. 10 stories
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