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Art in a storage
© visitBerlin, Foto: Jan Frontzek

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

food in a cultural and design context

Art becomes an extension of the kitchen and food a common base for expressing and sharing thoughts and ideas.

We believe that food and art are universal languages and that they can change the world. The concept of Mottainai — the Japanese buddhist term for regretting what is wasted — is reflected in our work. Our art and food-based projects involve sustainability, alternative economies and environmental activities. Additionally, we practice solidarity through community-supported agriculture, using organic and regional vegetables from Speisegut. Located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, our unique space invites our audience to become participants as well. Going beyond the normal reach of a gallery, we host workshops, lectures, events, and offer a range of creative services for food and design based projects.

Opening hours (additional information)
Mon - Fri 11 - 15
  and by appointment