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Sustainable Fashion in Berlin
© GettyImages; Bild: Mint Images


Designer fashion made of recycled materials – because there is no planet B!

Ecoalf is an award-winning flagship store in Mitte for sustainable fashion. Designer Javier Goyeneche has made it his mission to create a new generation of fashion products made from recycled fabrics while maintaining the same standards of quality and design as traditional collections. The Spanish label focuses on using recycled fabrics. What others consider waste is upcycled into high-quality raw materials that end up as great designer garments. Ecoalf does not use any animal products either.
With his “Because” collection, Javier Goyeneche has dedicated himself to cleaning up the sea: the Ecoalf foundation gives 10% of the proceeds to the Upcycling the Oceans project. So far, 400 tonnes of rubbish have been removed from the seabed and more than 120 million plastic bottles have been recycled.