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Where the Berlin Wall still stands

Cycling tour at the East Side Gallery in Berlin
Cycling tour at the East Side Gallery © visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

The Berlin Wall was consigned to history a quarter century and there are only a few places left in the city where you can still find its traces. A less well-known fact is that there are pieces of the Wall on almost all of the world's continents, kept in remembrance of those events 25 years ago, on mountains, under palm trees, in shrines and on other planets.

Canberra, Australia

A piece of the Berlin Wall has stood in front of Harmonie, a German club in Australia's capital since 3 October 1992. The club had decided to commemorate German reunification on its grounds.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Three sections of the Berlin Wall stand on Plaza de Berlin in Guatemala City as part of the "Berlin por la Libertad" monument. The three sections of the Wall stand on concrete pedestals in a pool of water with colourful reliefs. As a reminder of the Fall of the Wall, the last of the three pieces is turned on its side.

Our Lady Fatima Shrine, Portugal

Several pieces of the Berlin Wall can be found in Fatima, the most important Catholic pilgrimage site in Portugal. They came as pilgrims' gifts to this place; one piece of the wall has been kept inside the shrine since 1991.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Palm trees, blue skies and a piece of the Berlin Wall on the campus of Hawaii Community College. The piece made its way here on the initiative of the college's students and professors who contacted the Berlin Senate in 1991 with a request for a piece of the Wall.

Cape Town, South Africa

The only piece of the Wall on the African continent is in Cape Town, South Africa at St. Georges Mall, a pedestrian area in the center of the city. When Nelson Mandela came to Germany in May 1996 on a state visit, he received this special gift from the city of Berlin.

Montreal, Canada

In Montreal, the second largest city in Canada, a colourfully painted section of the Berlin Wall is one of the attractions of the city's World Trade Centre. It was given as gift from Berlin in 1992 to mark Montreal's 250th anniversary. virtual tour

Osaka, Japan

In Osaka's Tokoku-ji temple, two grey sections of the Berlin Wall are nestled among the curved roofs, bonsai trees and stone Buddhas. The temple maintains close relations with Korea and reunification is a central focus here.

Simi Valley, California

There are so many pieces of the Berlin Wall in the United States, that they would actually require a separate article. One of the most beautiful places is probably the piece of the Wall in front of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, which stands on a hill high above the city. In good weather, you can see from here to the Pacific. A butterfly has been painted on a piece of the Wall that once faced West Berlin.

Seoul, South Korea

Berlin Square is in the heart of Seoul and is home to not just a blue Berlin bear, but also three sections of the Berlin Wall. In 2005, the bear and the Wall pieces were given as gifts from the Berlin Senate to the Korean capital.

Vatican City

In 1990, then Pope John Paul II received a piece of the Berlin Wall from Italian businessman Marco Piccininni. What makes this so special: this piece was painted in the 1980s by artist Yadegar Asisi. The piece is now located in the northerly section of the Vatican Gardens.

…and on Mars

Even on Mars, there's a piece of the Berlin Wall, even if no human took it up there. When the red planet was being mapped, an 85 cm boulder was named "Broken Wall" in commemoration of 9 November 1989. Later, other rock formations received names including Monday Demonstration, Nicholaikirche and Reunification.