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Weekend tips 7 - 9 September 2018

When Helene and Lolla are in town: Our top 11 events for the weekend

Lollapalooza in Berlin
Lollapalooza © Lollapalooza, Foto: Johannes Riggelsen

September is disguising itself as August and continues where the latter left off: in short - you can expect a summer programme at its best! But even if the weather doesn’t play along, don’t worry, we have a fun programme for you. There are some highlights that you have to check off before it closes its doors forever! So look out for our tips - ideal for night owls, culture lovers, festival fans, families with children, AND everyone else!

Let’s get to the colourful weekend tips this week with joyful festivals:

Tip 1: Lollapallozaa

Lollapalooza Musikfestival 2016
RiesenRad auf dem Lollapalooza Berlin © Lollapalooza, Foto: Johannes Riggelsen

Lollapalooza ist ein amerikanisches Musikfestival mit Alternative Rock-, Rap-, und Punkrock-Bands, Dance, Comedy, Mode und Kunst. Während es sich seit der ersten Ausgabe im Jahr 1991 zunächst um eine jährliche Festivalreihe handelte, findet es seit 2005 in den USA ausschließlich im Grant Park von Chicago statt. Seit 2011 wurden Festival-Ableger in Chile, Brasilien und Argentinien begründet. Im Jahr 2015 fand das Lollapalooza erstmals in Europa statt, auf dem Gelände des ehemaligen Flughafens Tempelhof in Berlin. 2016 fand es im Treptower Park und 2017 auf der Rennbahn Hoppegarten statt.

It's that time again, Lollapalooza is coming up for the fourth time - you can confidently call it a Berlin tradition, even though the mega-festival had to look for a new location this year as well. We're just reconstructing: In the first year the cult festival journey began on Tempelhof field and the year after that a magical landscape was brought to life in Treptower Park. In 2017, flower girls and festival friends met at the racetrack in Hoppegarten. This year it’s at the Olympic Stadium! We learn that in Berlin, the city that never is and always will be, everything changes and thus everything stays the same. Just as traditional as the relocation is the outstanding line-up at Lollapalooza Berlin: on the stage this year are high-calibre acts such as The Weeknd, Kraftwerk 3D, Imagine Dragons, David Guetta, Liam and friends.

When: 8 to 9 September 2018

Where: Olympic Stadium

Tip 2: Ginfest

Badeschiff Berlin
Badeschiff Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Pierre Adenis

Sometimes, you just have to let the evening be gin since it really is gin o clock. This weekend, it becomes even better because we’ll finally discover the gin of life, which is just another rhyme/ pun of our favourite drink (sinn des Lebens = sense of life).  For this we only have to visit the Badeschiff in Berlin Treptow on Saturday, listen to cool beats, and taste samples at 10 individually designed counters. Could it be any easier? No, because with good music, an overwhelming sunset, and our favourite view of the Spree, life just makes gin again.

When: 8 September 2018

Where: Badeschiff in Treptow

Tip 3: Whiskeyfest

Whiskey has been doing what gin can do for much longer. And here it also includes an enchanting view of the Spree and lovely evening sunshine. While soft electric vibes can be heard on the Badeschiff, spirited folk bands and Celtic dance groups such as LARKIN and Clover step on stage in Köpenick's old town. Various tastings are offered and, of course, exclusive whiskeys are presented at the numerous stands.

When: 7 -8 September 2018

Where: Altstadt Köpenick


Are you more interested in family-friendly festivities? No problem!


Tip 4: 7. Volvo Tierpark run

Europe's largest landscape garden has not only enough space for polar bears, elephants, and more, but also for one of the most beautiful runs in Berlin: 5 to 10 km long, alone or in pairs as a generation run (2 runners with an age difference of at least 16 years) in Tierpark Berlin at the 7th VOLVO Tierpark run. There is also the 1100 metre children's run and the 800 metre Bambini run. Online registration ends on 5 September. Late entries are possible subject to availability on 8/9 until one hour before the start time.

When: 7 September 2018

Where: Tierpark Berlin

Tip 5: Children’s festival in the museum village of Düppel

Museumsdorf Düppel
Museumsdorf Düppel © Förderkreis Museumsdorf Düppel

For many, the museum village of Düppel is still one of Berlin’s secrets - but not for families! They have long since cherished the romantic homestead in the south of Berlin. In the historic buildings there is history to touch and interact with. It’s even better when extra children's programmes are on the calendar, like this weekend.

When: 9 Septemebr 2018

Where: Museumsdorf Düppel

Little ones aren’t an issue for you and you feel like art and culture? Take a look:

Tip 6: The Long Night of Songs

Zitadelle Spandau with a pond
Zitadelle Spandau with a pond © visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Bats, an old fortress, and glittering shooting stars in the sky. These are the basic ingredients for the Long Night of Songs in the Spandau citadel. On top of the late-summer open-air scenario, of course, are the songs in question - performed by Max Prosa, Barbara Thalheim & band, Sebastian Krämer, among others. The programme promises literary, sometimes political, and sometimes poetic-satirical entertainment. Something to listen to for both the audience and the bats!

When: 8 September 2018

Where: Zitadelle Spandau

Open Heritage Day

Schloss Biesdorf in Summer
Schloss Biesdorf in Summer © Fachbereich Kultur Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Foto Karin Scheel

On 9 September, many doors will be opened throughout Germany that are otherwise only partially accessible or remain completely closed. Under the motto "Discover what unites us", visitors can take part in exciting guided tours or visit churches, memorial sites or other institutes and buildings such as the border surveillance tower at Potsdamer Platz, Parochialkirche in Mitte, Jugendstil Villa Skupin or Schloss Biesdorf.

When: Sunday

Where: various venues

Tip 7: Freem silent movie at midnight

Night owls and movie fans watch out. Since 2013, the traditional Babylon cinema has been playing jems from the silent film era every Saturday - for free. At midnight, there's an exquisite selection of black and white movie classics plus live music on the organ for just 0 euros. This Saturday the comedy "Marriage Circle" by Ernst Lubitsch is playing.

When: every saturday at midnight

Where: Babylon Berlin, Mitte


You want even more art and culture? Some of Berlin's most exciting summer expositions are about to end - check out the final call for the must sees of the season:

Tip 8: Food Revolution 5.0

We do it every day and spend some time thinking about it: eating! In fact, more and more people are concerning themselves with the subject of what we eat, what we should eat, and what the upcoming food trend is. In keeping with this, the Food Revolution exhibition tackles these issues in all its urgency - because the future is upon us, the resources of the world are shrinking, and food is becoming more and more of a political act than an unadulterated treat. There are exciting questions such as "Are algae the protein of the future?" "Why do we eat pork etc. but find eating insects disgusting?" The fascinating subject areas (farm, table, market, kitchen) are spread over three floors at the Museum of Decorative Arts and you can even treat yourself at the end of the exhibition on the terrace in the basement to a tasty, well-deserved, proper break with the herbs and vegetables grown in-house from the Urban Gardening Area.

When: until 20 September 2018

Where: Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

Tip 9: Wanderlust

You haven’t been to the marvellous highlight exhibition "Wanderlust" yet? Then get going! For only one week, the Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin is home to the magnificent and famous painting "Wanderer over the Sea of Fog" by Casper David Friedrich. A unique exhibition was created around the masterpiece from 1818, which impressively illustrates the yearning that still comes today when we are ready to go on holiday again and our thoughts and looks wander to remote places. Numerous impressionistic works from Monet to Renoir are on display.

When: until 16 September 2018

Where: Alte Nationalgalerie

Tip 10: Berlin Biennale

Photo: court of KW Institute for Contemporary Art mit Café Bravo
court of KW Institute for Contemporary Art mit Café Bravo © KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Foto: Fette Sans

The Biennale is a must for all art lovers, which ends on 9 September. The Berlin Biennale takes place at various locations in Berlin - including, of course, in the KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Local and international artistic positions will be on display. Since the first edition in 1998, the Berlin Biennale has become one of the most important events for contemporary art.

When: until 9 September 2018

Where: various venues

At last, a little service tip...

Tip 11: Don’t be surprised!

It is very possible that the U-Bahn and S-Bahn will be a bit fuller on certain routes during the weekend ... German singer Helene Fischer is in town and giving concerts in the Mercedes Benz Arena from Tuesday to Sunday, where she is sure to sing to the audience in breathless ecstasy.

When: Tu, Th, Fr, Sa, Su (4 - 9 September 2018)

Where: Mercedes-Benz Arena






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