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Top 11 new openings in Berlin

Why don't you drop by?

Jewish Museum Berlin exterior facade
Jewish Museum Berlin exterior facade © Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Foto: Jens Ziehe

Life in Berlin does not yet feel quite like the old normality. All the more reason to be pleased that despite the crisis and lockdown some new projects, restaurants and shops have established themselves. Even the world of museums in Berlin has grown. Drop by sometime!

Tip 1: Studio of Wonders

Have you always wanted to walk on the ceiling in the subway or grow into infinity like Alice in Wonderland? In the Studio of Wonders you can make the world the way you want it to be - and of course capture the fun with your camera - so that your friends and insta-followers can't help but be amazed.

When: daily 12 pm - 9 pm
Where: Leipziger Platz, Mitte

Studio of Wonders

Tip 2: Die Mauer | The Wall - The Museum on Leipziger Platz

In the beginning, the initiators of this new museum were interested in renovating the BT6 observation tower in Erna-Berger-Straße. There were over 200 such watchtowers along the Berlin border. Facts like these you will learn a lot during a visit to the museum about the history of the Wall, excitingly told with large-format pictures and many exhibits.

When: daily 11 am to 6 pm
Where: Leipziger Platz 11, Mitte

Die Mauer| The Wall

Tip 3: The Haus

"The Haus" started out in an old bank branch in the City-West, now the makers are opening a mixture of restaurant and museum in Kreuzberg. In 2017, the Berlin-based artists' group Dixons reused an empty bank building in Nürnberger Straße until it was demolished. 80,000 people came to see the rooms, which were designed by over 100 artists. In the new "The Haus", home cooking is now served between art installations, graffiti and street art.  Please reserve online in advance or by phone: 030 / 616 259 06.

When: from 6 pm 
Where: Gräfestaße 92, Kreuzberg

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Tip 4: Stoff & Stil Selfmade Store

If you've discovered your creativity when sewing your mouth-nose-protection masks, you should definitely take a look at the self-made store of Stoff & Stil. Here you'll find lots of fabrics, yarns, patterns and everything else you need in 1400 square metres. You can start right away at six sewing stations. DIY workshops, flea markets, exhibitions and other events are planned for the future. 

When: Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm
Where: Friedrich-Karl-Straße 1, Tempelhof

Flea markets in Berlin

Tip 5: Zeroliq

It doesn't always have to be alcohol: In Germany's first non-alcoholic bar you can enjoy the full pleasure even without alcohol. In addition to various types of craft beer, there are wines and long drinks made to your own, tried and tested recipe. Taps are served with them.

When: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 5 pm - 12 am
Where: Boxhagener Str. 104, Friedrichshain

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Tip 6: ANOHA

The Jewish Museum itself opens on 23 August after more than two and a half years of renovation with a new permanent exhibition in the Libeskind Building. The Jewish Museum's Children's World is completely new, although the opening date has not yet been fixed. But then all children are invited to visit the large Noah's Ark, where 150 animals have moved in by then. 

When: we will keep you up to date
Where: W. M. Blumenthal Academy, Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 1, Kreuzberg

Jewish Museum Berlin

Tipp 7: Carrona - Drive-in Cinema

In addition to the numerous open-air cinemas in Berlin, a drive-in cinema has also established itself this year with the Carrona. The programme will mainly feature family-friendly classics. Popcorn, snacks and drinks are available at the mobile kiosk. Please pay only by card. Tickets are available online at Zoopalast!

When: different times
Where: At the Olympic Stadium, Charlottenburg

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Welcome to France! Actually ANOUKI was supposed to open in mid-March, but then Corona came. Now you can enjoy the delicious French cuisine all the better. Look forward to croque monsieur, tarte flambée, bœuf bourguignon, steak tatare, bouillabaisse de Marseille, crème brûlée and more. Bon appetit!

When: Monday - Saturday, 8 am -22 pm
Where: Gervinusstrasse 43, Charlottenburg 

French Cuisine in Berlin

Tip 9: Yummy Vintage

At Yummy-Vintage you can reward yourself with a new outfit right after the yoga class. Besides casual jeans and brand-name tops you can also find beautiful jewellery. While you can browse through the colourful vintage clothes in the front of the store, you can relax in the back room during yoga classes with Victoria.

When: Yoga: Monday - Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 8 pm; shop: Monday - Saturday from 1 pm - 7.30 pm
Where: Wilmersdorfer Str. 100, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Yoga-Studios in Berlin

Tip 10: Magic John's 

Magic John's serves Pizza New York Style. Choose between buying the whole cartwheel sized pie or  get a pizza slice to go. Besides the Italian-American classics you can also create your own topping.
When: Monday - Sunday, 12 pm to 10 pm
Where: Oranienburger Strasse 48, 10117 Berlin

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Tip 11: Schmilblick

We can't hear it ourselves anymore, but if the whole crisis had anything good, it is that it made us think. To think about what really counts in life and that it is important to take time for the good things in life. And that's exactly what the new café with French flair and a concept store for sustainable room decor is all about.

When: Shop: Tuesday - Saturday from 11am to 7 pm, Café: Tuesday - Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm
Where: Pettenkoferstraße 6, Friedrichshain

Sustainable fashion in Berlin

There is always something going on in Berlin. You can find even more tips for events in our calendar of events.

Josefine Köhn-Haskins


ist in München aufgewachsen, hat dort studiert und bei der SZ volontiert. Auf der Suche nach neuen Abenteuern entdeckte sie erst New York, dann Miami und berichtete als Trendscout und Korrespondentin für verschiedene Publikationen. Ihr Zuhause fand sie dann aber in Berlin. Fasziniert von den vielen Facetten der Stadt ist sie kreuz und quer in den Kiezen unterwegs und beschäftigt sich gerne mit Zukunftsideen und Smart City Konzepten für ein innovatives Berlin.