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Tips: Moon over Berlin

Festival of Lights
© Festival of Lights; Foto: Christian Kruppa

Every year in August, the meteor shower Perseids enchants summer skies all over the world, bringing countless shooting stars into the atmosphere - so in these upcoming nights, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the sky - either from the top of a rooftop bar or with the help of a telescope. Here are our best tips for star watching in Berlin.

1. The Garden of the Reclaimed Moon

The moon even has its own garden in Berlin at the Gardens of the World, which are always worth a visit, but especially during the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival held here. This ancient Chinese tradition is celebrated with dragon dances, a sparkling lantern parade, and fireworks. The menu includes "moon cake" and hopefully the weather will cooperate and allow for some moon- and stargazing. Mid-Autumn Festivall and Garden of the Reclaimed Moon in the Gardens of the World.

2. Pubs and rooftop terraces by moonlight

There are myriad rooftop terraces and bars across Berlin. You can sip your cocktails and come close to heaven high above the city's roofs. If it's too chilly to sit outside under the moonlight, you can also visit one of the several pubs dedicated to the moon year-round. Blaumond in Kreuzberg is such a place. The café is the perfect spot to spend a while out of the city's hustle and bustle just relaxing. Or you can head to the Zum Mond restaurant on Köpenickerstraße. It offers fine regional cuisine and selected wines in the unpretentious atmosphere of a classic Berlin corner pub. Berlin's north side is home to MyMoon Berlin. A perfect spot to relax after work with live music and the hookah. A list of rooftop bars and terraces in Berlin can be found here.

3. Where the wolves howl

Howl with the wolves and worship the moon. What might sound like fantasy has become reality just around the corner. What do the wolves do when the moon disappears? These and many other questions can be asked at the Wolfsnacht open house at Wildpark Schorfheide. Guided hikes and other adventures will help visitors experience the animals that howl at the moon up close.

Brandenburger Tor Berlin
© visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Brandenburger Tor Berlin

4. Observatories

Observing the man in the moon through a telescope works best when the telescope is massive. The Archenhold giant telescope is the longest lens telescope on earth and is located in Berlin. More specifically, it is at the Archenhold Observatory in Treptower Park. But there are other great observatories around Berlin that can also be visited to learn all about our solar system and plunge into the billion-year history of our universe. And, of course, to say hello to the man in the moon. Ps.: This Saturday night, the Long Night of Astronomy offers public observations at the "Park am Gleisdreick", starting at 7 pm in the evening.

5. Stargazing in Brandenburg

If you really want to watch the clearest sky and get the best view possible, you should consider making an excursion to Gülpe. This paradise for stargazers is located just 90 km from Berlin and offers the best conditions to watch the stars fly by. Gülpe is the darkest place in Germany and you can even see the Milky Way with the naked eye. As an official stargazing park, it draws fans of the heavenly bodies from all around. Who knows, maybe you're even a bit closer to the moon in Gülpe and you might even be inspired to compose an ode in its celebration. More information about Sternenpark Gülpe.