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Take away and Home Delivery in Berlin

Berlin's culinary diversity comes to your home

Humboldtforum und Berliner Dom
© Getty Images, Foto: spreephoto

As you know: Stricter Corona restrictions still apply in Berlin in February, so the restaurants, bars and cafés are closed. But of course Berlin's gastronomy still offers you a wide range of dishes - to order or to pick up. All Berlin's districts are well-positioned for this. Here we have a small selection for you.


Charlottenburg Palace - a highlight in Berlin
Schloss Charlottenburg in autum © visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Weyers Cafe

Situated on the idyllic Ludwigkirchplatz you can now also choose from a selection of seasonal dishes and well-tempered wines. The menu can be viewed online and is also advertised on the notice boards in the village. You can reach the restaurant by phone from 13 to 18 o'clock. The restaurant also offers a pick-up service.

Where: Pariser Straße 16, Wilmersdorf

Spice India

Close to the Ku'damm, Spice India offers Indian specialities, carefully prepared mainly from fresh products and medicinal herbs. Enjoy a piece of India and order online or have it conveniently delivered to your home.

Where: Uhlandstraße 161, Charlottenburg

Maître Philippe & Filles

For lovers of French cuisine, the Berlin delicatessen continues to be there for you with its online shop and retail outlet. With an extravagant and loving selection of cheese, wine and French delicatessen, the family business has been inspiring customers for over twenty years. You can send a shopping list by e-mail. If your order is received by 10 p.m. the day before, your purchase will be ready to be picked up the following day.

Where: Emser Straße 42, Wilmersdorf

Delikatessen Rogacki

The renowned "Erste Charlottenburger Aal- und Fischräucherei" keeps all sales stands open for you. The modern shop will continue to spoil you with specialties from all over the world and - it is known for this - with an unbelievably large fish offer. Please have a look at the website during the opening hours. The bakery is also open from Tuesday to Saturday every day from 8 am.

Where: Wilmersdorfer Straße 145/146, Charlottenburg


The selection is large: over 250 positions from 40 winemakers from Germany, Austria, France and Spain. The focus is on organically and sustainably organically and sustainably produced wines, as more than 90 % of the winegrowers work entirely organically.
Special in special times: Weinmoral supplies you from the first bottle free of charge and fast in the whole city area and this seven days a week.


In the district around Lake Lietzen, the Engelbecken, known for its creative and varied cuisine in the striking yellow corner building with its inviting terraces, has been a well-known fixture for many years. In addition to regional and ecological dishes, forgotten fruit, herbs and vegetables are an important part of the menu. The products offered on the menu and beverage list all come from ecologically certified cultivation of regional farms in Berlin or the surrounding area and can be picked up by you or you can have them delivered to you. By the way: the Engelbecken also offers roast duck and goose for home, depending on the season.

Where: Witzlebenstraße 31, Charlottenburg

Blumen Koch

And for a beautifully laid table: a colourful bouquet of flowers for the home, individually arranged. Blumen Koch is in workshop mode for you. That means: in the morning, pre-ordered arrangements are made and if you have booked your order on the website by 10 am, the delivery will take place the same day. Or you can bring spring into the house yourself, always Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, after you have placed your order. One more tip: The online Christmas showroom opens on Wednesday, 4 November.

Where: Westfälische Straße 38, Wilmersdorf


Grün bepflanzte Balkone in Kreuzberg
©, Foto: querbeet


That's convenient. The Brlo House offers you five different dishes different dishes that are already pre-cooked and ready to serve at home in 10 to 15 minutes. Of course you will receive instructions. And especially good: all packages have a shelf life of several days when chilled - so you can buy them in stock. You can also choose from all beers of the BRLO Core Range and the organic cider vinegar lemonade HEQUA.

Where: Schöneberger Straße 16, Kreuzberg

Books & Bagels

What a brilliant combination: The Fine Bagel shares the shop with the bookstores Shakespear and Sons. This also means that books and bagels can be ordered together or picked up at the Take Away window. Check the website to find out which books are currently available and which bagels you can choose from.

Where: Warschauerstraße 74, Friedrichshain


This coffee is roasted in a very special way, namely as little as possible. And to fully develop all the aromas, a combination of the best of the old and the best of the new technology is the secret recipe. In the same way, it emphasizes what makes the coffee special and gives each cup its special taste. Ordered in the Online Shop.

Where: Waldemarstraße 37a, Kreuzberg


The Berlin Pancake has an incredible number of names: Puffel, Krappel, Krapfen, Fastnachtsküchle, Glaskrapfen and so on, but what you call it doesn't really matter, what is important is: where you order it. And there is no better address than the sugarclan. Here you get the most different kinds of sugar from our own production, with love, care and a lot of patience. There are certainly some of them you don't know yet. Try them out.

Where: Boxhagener Platz, Friedrichshain

Café Nullpunkt

"Naturally good for everyone" is the motto of the café with its loft-like atmosphere and the long brass bar as a real eye-catcher. Biological offers are still available for pickup at the takeout window.

Where: Friedrichstraße 23b, Kreuzberg


Marie-Elisabeth-Lüdere House in the government district in Berlin
Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders House in the government district © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Black Isle Baker

The smell of fresh coffee! Just the right thing for the home office or just in between. The roasting plant is still open, roasting coffee and looking forward to your order.

Where: Linienstraße 54, Mitte

Gut. Gut
Kefir and Kombucha: Each ingredient is authentically organic, high-quality, fairtrade and free of additives. The water is filtered using the latest technology and the fresh products are sourced from a variety of local organic suppliers. You should not miss this.

Where: Schröderstraße 10, Mitte


If you fancy a brunch of Israeli specialities on Friday or Saturday, or even Sunday, you can have delicious mezze delivered via the online menu of the Gropius-Museums-Restaurant Beba. Please order one day in advance, as only as much is produced as is ordered, in order to avoid unnecessary food waste.

Where: at Gropius Bau, Nederkirchnerstraße 7


Here you will find a variety of original Vietnamese food - with fresh vegetables and meat, and the original spices and herbs. We are happy to prepare vegetarian or vegan dishes for you. Tuesday to Sunday you can pick up your order from 12 to 21 o'clock. You can also indicate when ordering if you want the driver to park the order in front of the door to avoid contacts.

Where: Tegeler Straße 31, Wedding


Könerpark Berlin © © Dept


This is the motto of  the Pizzeria Gazzo: craftsmanship through and through, using local products when available, but always sustainable, natural and delicious. Just looking at the menu will make your mouth water. You can have the pizzas delivered or pick them up yourself.

Where: Hobrechtstraße 57

Love Burger 100 % vegan

The name tells what is meant. Inspired by people, cultures and travel, Love Burger offers you the most delicious vegan burgers. Exotic flavours and spices are combined with local and seasonal products. Enjoy one of the excellent organic wines, a smoothie or homemade lemonade. Your order is gladly accepted.

Where: Treptower Straße 90

Das Tisk

In the Restaurant you can expect new Berlin cuisine in a classical dress with regional products. Have a look at the ToGo menu and order or support your chosen favourite place with a voucher purchase.

Where: Neckarstraße 12


Buergerpark Pankow
© (c) visumate


Sometimes things have to happen quickly and so Otto expects you to get there much earlier than planned with cooked meals such as game goulash, Alb lentil stew and Vadim's homemade raw milk ice cream, a small selection of fresh products from the Schorfheide - all from their own production. You can order online and then simply pick it up.

Where: Oderberger Straße 56, Prenzlauer Berg


That's the way a day should start! But only for those of you who live in the Bötzowkiez or around the Winsviertel in Prenzlauer Berg, because then you will be supplied by the 100Brote team. Just go to the homepage, order there and the bread delivery service will come the next day.

Where: Hufelandstraße 2, Prenzlauer Berg


From now on you can order and pick up regional wild boar, bœuf bourguignon and other dishes by phone in addition to homemade bread and various dips, spreads, wines and delicacies.

Where: Parkstraße 31, Weißensee


Herbstlicher Ausflug an Tegeler See und Greenwichpromenade
Tegeler See und Greenwichpromenade im Herbst © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Taverna Hellas

Enjoy a piece of Greece, with specialties from the sea, delicious meat and grilled dishes and a huge variety of Greek starters.  You can order to go or of course order and have it delivered.

Where: Marktstraße 20


Die Altstadt in Spandau Berlin
© visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

raymons Fischrestaurant

Captain's brunch, prawns, lobster menu, seafood from the grill - that is the culinary offer of the fish rstaurant with the magnificent view of the Havel. Now you can have a lot of it delivered - look at the weekly changing menu.

Where: Frieda Arnheim Promenade 7


Homemade cheese noodles, the delicious burgers or a juicy steak, the Barfly is still happy to supply you with a large selection. Just have a look at the special menu on the website and support your favourite restaurant by buying a voucher for the time after. Delivery and collection times between 16 and 21 hrs.

Where: Brüderstraße 47

Zum Österreicher im Schaukelpferd

Austrian delicacies for connoisseurs. The cosy restaurant offers more than Wiener Schnitzel and Tafelspitz. Let us put together your individual menu or buffet for you at home.

Where: Hauptstraße 6, Staaken


Lake Wannsee in Berlin
Lake Wannsee in Autumn © visitberlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Alter Krug Dahlem

At the "Alter Krug" in Dahlem, the focus is on German cuisine. The pick-up service is offered daily from 12 noon for all food and drinks. In addition to classic St. Martin's Goose and Wiener Schnitzel, the Sylt fish pan is also available for you to order and pick up.

Where: Königin-Luise-Straße 52, Dahlem

Tomasa Lichterfelde

The Tomasa in Lichterfelde is a café, restaurant and cocktail bar all in one. From 1 December you can also pick up a goose to go here and pre-order it online now. And if you get really hungry, why not take a walk through the park in advance?

Where: Bäkestraße 15, Lichterfelde

Ristorante La Montanara

Enjoy original southern Italian specialities. The Ristorante is open for you daily from 12 to 22 o'clock. Not only pizza, pasta and salad, but also specialities like Carpaccio Cipriani can be picked up by yourself or ordered home.

Where: Leonorenstraße 67-69, Lankwitz

Ristorante Fontana

All dishes, such as antipasti, homemade pasta, exquisite fish variations or simply the classic Italian stone oven pizza, can be picked up at the "Salumeria Antica" from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 20 o'clock. In this small shop next door you can also choose the right wine.

Where: Martin-Buber-Straße 18, Zehlendorf

Wannseeterrassen Berlin

The Wannseeterrassen allow you to enjoy a perfect Sunday with the goose to go. Pick up on Saturday, Sunday on the table. Or, if you prefer to enjoy the goose during the week, you can also pick it up on Wednesday. Instructions are of course included.

Where: Wannseebadweg 35, Zehlendorf


kite flying in Berlin
kite flying at the Tempelhofer Feld © Lichtschwärmer, Foto: Christo Libuda

Jones Ice Cream

Take: homemade ice cream with seasonal flavours and homemade, crunchy and fragrant croissants! The result is an incredibly delicious ice cream, which is only topped by the homemade cookies. What a combination! All you have to do now is pick them up. Or you can order until 4.00 p.m., and we'll deliver on the same day.

Where: Goltzstrasse 3, Schöneberg

Ristorante La Piccola Cantina

A pearl in Mariendorf. The small but very fine Italian restaurant not only shines with its excellent cuisine - it captivates with daily changing seasonal dishes - but also with its friendly and obliging service. Currently you can order and pick up. Have a look at the menu beforehand.

Where: Eisenacher Straße 8, Tempelhof


Diverse cuisine, dishes for every taste, fresh regional dishes of high quality, family ambience with attention to detail: get appetite? Then order from Myman Gourmet by phone or WhatsApp and have the food delivered to your home.

Where: Tempelhofer Damm 201, Tempelhof


On the one hand, wonderfully fragant Italian bread, sweet brioche, juicy focaccia and on the other hand, the pizzeria, which captivates with a fantastic selection and to top it all with three different pizza bases: the Neapolitan classic, a wheat sourdough and a dough made from 100% spelt flour. You can't get around it. Orders are taken every day from 4 p.m.

Where: Goltzstraße 36, Schöneberg

Mahlzeit Kreuzberg

Every day varied cuisine with fresh ingredients for soups and salads. Just come by and pick up your order. Oh yes, there is also coffee and cake.

Where: Alexandrinenstraße 1a. Kreuzberg


Treptower Park in Berlin
Treptower Park © Tourismusverein Berlin Treptow-Köpenick e.V. (

Domaines Berlin

The right wine should not be missing with every good meal. The wine shop in Köpenick's old town is still open for you. In the restaurant at the Müggelsee is the depot where you can pick up the wines or have them brought to you by the wine taxi.

Where: Josef-Nawrocki-Straße 22, Köpenick

Mutter Lustig

Seasonal, this is Alexander Welz's working principle. The chef and his team offer you the possibility to order and pick up food and drinks every Saturday and Sunday. Have a look at the menu on the homepage. d.

Where: Müggelheimer Straße 1, Köpenick

And other than that ...

  • Every day a menu is created by one of Berlin's most renowned chefs de cuisine. Each menu consists of four courses, which can be warmed up and served at home. You will receive a video tutorial and a special music playlist an you will also be offered a selection of exceptional wines, which of course correspond wonderfully with the menu. The Cookies Show menu will be delivered to you all over Germany and of course there is also a great Christmas menu.
  • And for all those who haven't found the right one yet: here you will find an overview of who delivers which food when, sorted by postcode.

And that is the way you can not only eat very tasty food, but also support your gastronomy ....

  • You can save your favourite place via the platform: purchase a voucher for the time when the restaurants and shops are open again.
  • #Stayathome: If you can't come to us, we'll come to you. According to this motto, various Berlin companies have joined forces, mainly supplying Berlin's gastronomy. They are united by the fact that they sell fair and sustainable products. Through their platform you can have orders delivered and additionally support Berlin clubs, event organizers and artists with every order.
  • Kochen für Helden - a nationwide initiative that cooks food for the people who ensure that our lives continue under the current circumstances: People in functional professions such as doctors and nurses in hospitals, employees in pharmacies and supermarkets and all the other heroes of our everyday lives. #kochenfürhelden started in Berlin and is represented in numerous cities. The initiative addresses all restaurants and suppliers. Many of the restaurants listed above are already participating.
  • The idea of Ralf Müller/The Barns goes in the same direction: "They all work day and night to save lives in our hospitals. We have to keep them caffeinated." And this works by buying a cup of coffee for the helpers: "Coffee for hospitals". You can order online 10x, 30x or 50x virtual coffee cups for doctors & nurses and at the beginning of each week the donated beans will be delivered to the Charité (Campus Mitte) and the accident hospital (ukb).
  • Mach MAHL! With every purchase of the "Berliner Proviant" you donate 10 € of the proceeds to a charitable organization to support the homeless and destitute. In this way you not only support those who are less fortunate, but are also rewarded for your commitment with the delicacies of the starred restaurant einsunternull.
  • Save tasty, over-produced food! With toodoodtogo's app you can save delicious food that has been left unsold in shops near you. This way, you get food at a reduced price on the one hand and on the other hand, you do something good for the environment.

And here you will find an overview of the current situation in Berlin. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.



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