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Separated we dance, united we stream

Live from Berlin: Club vibes for your living room

DJ Mixer
DJ Mixer © Getty Images, Foto: 123ducu

Even the toughest Berlin bouncers couldn't stop it. Thanks to the corona virus, it has become quiet in Berlin's nightlife. Since Friday the 13th it is official. Bars and clubs are closed until further notice. Please follow the guidelines for containing the Coronavirus. Stay home, dance alone. To brighten up your mood, the best DJs from the most legendary clubs in the city will send you the perfect vibes to beat the crisis. With just a few clicks you can start the party in your living room. To cool down and chill out plug into some livestreams and digital offers from Berlins great concert halls. 

United We Stream

© eigthball veranstaltungs gmbh, Foto: Frank Heckel

After the shutdown on Friday the 13th Berlin's club scene immediately showed solidarity. Under the motto United We Stream, Berlin's clubs, together with numerous DJs and artists, have established an online channel which represents the entire spectrum of Berlin's club scene. The virtual party platform offers an overview of the planned streams and the clubs that are participating. Among them Watergate, Tresor, Kater Blau, the Alte Münze, the Griesmühle and many others.

United We Stream

The platform streams live broadcasts of DJ sets, live music and performances, as well as roundtable discussions, lectures and films on topics related to Berlin club culture. You can access streams and multimedia content via partner channels such as ARTE concert and radioeins, as well as via Facebook.

© Ufo Sound Studios, Foto: Jens Reule Dantas

For the first live broadcast from Berlin's Watergate almost 70,000 danced alone together (views on March 20).

United We Stream on YouTube

If you would like to support Berlin's club culture during the time of crisis, you can do so via the specially created donation platform. Meanwhile you can stream a whole range of DJ sets and bring the party to your living room.

Save Berlin's club culture

Wilde Renate

Sage Club
© visitBerlin, Foto: Pierre Adenis

The Salon "Zur wilden Renate" has also joined the movement of the Berlin club scene. Under "Renate needs help - nothing else" the club-owners ask for support. In return they send you good vibes via all possible social media channels. On Soundcloud you can get music from "Wilde Renate"-friends all over the world.

Here you can find the "Salon zur wilden Renate"

FluxFM: Let it out, but stay inside!

visitBerlin-Business Speed Dating 2020
© visitBerlin, Foto: Uwe Steinert

In response to the call for "social distancing", the Berlin radio station offers you a platform where you can stay in touch with each other. The FluxBox allows you to vent your air. Share your tips for home office and quarantine pastimes, send musical greetings or simply tell FluxFM your story. If you need a sympathetic ear, FluxFM is the place to be these days.

FluxFM FluxBox


Skyline Berlin mit Bahnhof Alexanderplatz
© Getty Images, Foto: querbeet

Our social media team at visitBerlin is always ready to listen to you. We send you tips and inspiration from our favourite city every day and are looking forward to receiving your feedback, pictures, tips and stories.

With our #flattenthecurve Spotify playlist we flood your living room with good vibes. Let's tackle the Corona-Challenge together. Despite the crisis, we chose to give our title selection an ironic wink. Music connects! Support each other. Which Berlin songs should we add to the list? What helps you to keep your spirits up?

#FromBerlinWithLove on Spotify

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