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The Sections of the Berlinale

Where's which movie running?

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Zoo Palast © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

The 69th International Film Festival - the Berlinale - begins on 7 February. Around 400 films will run until 17 February - big glamoure events with a star cast, experimental avant-garde films, entertaining children's films and art house productions from all over the world. The entire programme is divided into so-called sections with different thematic focuses. But where is what actually going on? We have created an overview of the sections for you.

Competition - the heart of the Berlinale

At the centre of the Berlinale is the competition with 23 films, some of which are outside Konhurrenz. The performances are glamorous events at which international stars present their films. This year's films include Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Carhérine Deneuve and Tom Schilling. An international jury of filmmakers will award the prizes in a grand gala. This year's jury president is the French actress Juliette Binoche. The silver bears are awarded to the best actors, directors and other categories. The Golden Bear is the coveted trophy for the best film.

Berlinale Special - The Special Film

Special gala events are also the performances in the "Berlinale Special" section, where extraordinary productions are shown. The spectrum ranges from current productions with a large number of stars to the reenactment of great classics.

Berlin Series - Success in Series

Since 2015, the new Berlinale Series series has taken account of the series boom of recent years. Here you can get a foretaste of excellent series, like "The Nightmanager", "Top oft he Lake" and "Better call Saul" and the Berlin series "4 Blocks".

Panorama - breaking new ground

The Panorama section presents new trends and new voices in international filmmaking. After the filming, the filmmakers are happy to answer your questions and tell anecdotes about the shooting. Often there are discoveries like "Call me by your name" or "Winter's Bone", which then cause an international sensation and launch world careers.

Forum - Avant-garde & Experiment

Experiments in form and narrative, video installations and performances: the spectrum in the Forum is broad. This also provides the opportunity to discover fascinating new faces in front of and behind the camera.

Berlinale Shorts - To the Point

Short films from all over the world celebrate the diversity of their stories and styles at the Berlinale Shorts - and have done so since 1955.

Retrospective - Re-watch and rediscover

This year the retrospective is dedicated to the motto "Self-determined. Perspectives of Women Filmmakers" from 1968 to 1999. Works by German women directors from East and West are shown.

Homage - honoring the greats

Renowned actors, directors and filmmakers will be honoured with a golden bear of honour and a tribute at the Berlinale. This year's tribute is dedicated to the great actress Charlotte Rampling. The festive highlight is the gala with the award on 14 February in the Berlinale Palast with the film Il portiere di notte (The Night Porter).

Generation - For young moviegoers

The next generation of moviegoers is growing up with films for children and teenagers. A distinction is made between Generation Kplus for children and Generation 14plus for teenagers. The films are also popular with adults.

Perspektive Deutsches Kino - New Films from Germany

What's new in German film? You can pursue this question in the works of young German filmmakers.
Culinary Cinema - Delicious Tidbits

The films in this series revolve around the topic of food, with top chefs serving a selected menu. Without a menu you can watch the films again in the late show.

Berlinale goes Kiez

This series goes into the Berlin neighborhood. Selected films run in small neighbourhood cinemas and visit the Berliners in their regular cinema. This creates a very special atmosphere when the film teams present their works on a small scale.

NATIVe - A Journey into indigenous cinema

The special series shows feature films and documentaries of indigenous cinema. Every two years a new region presents itself, in 2019 it is the countries and islands at and in the Pacific Ocean.

The whole programme of the Berlinale

From January 29th the whole program will be available in all sections on Then you can select your films from all sections and create your own individual festival program.


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