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Neighbourhood assistance in Berlin

That's how Berliners help each other

Brandenburger Tor im Frühling
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Stick together, support each other, overcome the crisis together, that is what we need now at this time. Here we present some ideas from people who have come together to do just that. Take a look at this*.

*Please remember: You are responsible for your own use of the offers. Please be careful - you are in contact with strangers. We cannot guarantee the safety, reliability and quality of the providers.

On- and offline offers

Berlin Cathedral in Spring
Berlin Cathedral in Spring © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

In these times, neighbourhood assistance is more than ever in demand. On the website you can register, both if you want to offer help and if you are looking for help. If you would like to offer help: it doesn't have to be anything exciting, shopping or walking the dog can be a great support to people at risk. The list of providers is already relatively long. Have a look.


Here, too, neighbourhood assistance is very important. Look at the page of the neighbourhood portal, on which you can get help and also offer it. The portal has also thought of the people who are not online and made an appeal to the house community: Use the notice board for the staircase! Here you enter what you need: shopping in the supermarket, drugstore or pharmacy, walking the dog and/or child care. The list can then be simply pinned to the apartment door, the shopping list thrown into the mailbox and of course you can contact each other by phone.

Here you can find the poster for printing


junge Leute mit Skateboards
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Under the motto "WELTKLASSE", the city of Berlin honors children and young people who have had to flee their homeland and are now particularly committed to helping others and taking on responsibility in their new hometown Berlin. Until March 21, you can nominate classmates and friends aged 8 to 16 for the #FARBENBEKENNEN Award 2021 or apply yourself. #FARBENBEKENNEN-Award 2021 vorschlagen oder euch selbst bewerben.


Helfen, wo Hilfe benötigt wird

TV Tower in Berlin
TV Tower in Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Artfully Media, Sven Christian Schramm

How can you come together in a crisis? In this Facebook group people, who want offer support wherever it is needed, come together. A Google Maps map linked to the Facebook group allows you to see if there are willing volunteers nearby. Via the group you can then contact them and arrange a date. Of course the help is free of charge, it is about solidarity in difficult times.

trend of the future

Help in the districs

Sprengelkiez Wedding
Kanal im Sprengelkiez © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

In Wedding, a Facebook group "Wedding Solidarisch - Gemeinsam gegen Corona" (Wedding Solidarity - Together against Corona) has been formed, which coordinates relief actions for neighbours who are particularly at risk. The group, which currently has almost 500 members, looks for prospects of solidarity and supports those most affected by the threat of the virus.

Even more help is offered via the platform from Kreuzberg. The Twitter account @hilftbei bundles important information, contact persons and telephone numbers for people in need. Here too, the aim is to help the elderly, the destitute, single parents, Hartz IV recipients, expats and the disabled.

This is how you can support Berlin companies

now & then concept store berlin
© Foto: Suzanna Kuhlemann
  • The initiative Kiezhelden calls on people to support Berlin's small stores and presents local stores on their Instagram account that are still there for their customers despite all the restrictions.
  • Via Helfen.Berlin you can buy vouchers for your favorite stores and locations to help them get through the difficult time.
  • A group around the Berlin entrepreneur Karsten Kossatz has started a spontaneous help platform to help restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, stores, hotels, museums and the like. The idea: as regulars, you can buy vouchers that provide liquidity to your favorite places now and redeem them later.  
  • Support your favorite pub, bar, restaurant, bookstore, cafe, gym...: please dont close

For more information for businesses, visit

Your ticket for your artists and stages

inside Komödie at Kurfürstendamm
Theater und Komödie am Kurfürstendamm © Foto: Thomas Grünholz

The art scene is of course also strongly affected by the cancellations of theatre performances, concerts etc. and suffers from the financial losses. If you want to show how important it is to you to preserve the diversity of creative work, join in. Because one thing is clear: As soon as the crisis is over, we all want to be able to use these diverse offers again. Please support the artists and the stages. Thank you!

What can you do?

  • you have the possibility to sign this petition
  • or simply, if you can afford, to waive the refund of your booked tickets. The initiative #meinekartemeinebühne therefore calls on the audience to send a sign of solidarity artists from theatre, dance, opera and music. Therefore please contact the stage accordingly.

And more:

Please stay at home when....

  • you have been in contact with people who have been infected with COVID-19
  • you yourself have COVID-19 symptoms
  • you were recently in one of the risk areas.

Here you can find important information about the Current situation in Berlin.

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