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Marzahn-Hellersdorf - at home in the Gardens of the World

Gardens of the World/ IGA Berlin 2017. In the background: Marzahn
Gardens of the World/ IGA Berlin 2017 © Foto: Werner Haberecht

In Marzahn-Hellersdorf, you can find many spreading green areas where the city centre is just a dot on the horizon. Parts have an almost rural feel and the air is fresh – ideal for quality relaxation. That’s certainly on offer, for example, at the landscaped Gardens of the World. The peace and beauty of the Gardens of the World are just 30 minutes from the heart of the city by subway or city railway! The Chinese “Garden of the Reclaimed Moon” is the largest of its kind in Europe. With its peace and quiet, the soft contours of its greened hill, and the tea house with its authentic Chinese tea ceremony, you could almost believe you were in China! The Japanese Garden perfectly evokes the aesthetics of that county’s traditional minimalist landscaping. This garden, designed on Zen principles, harnesses water’s energy in decorative ponds,and the soft murmur of the streams soothe away everyday cares.

The Balinese “Garden of Three Harmonies” presents a section of a traditional Balinese village set among tropical plants typical of the island. The medieval monastery garden provides an interesting counterpoint to the Asian gardens. The decorative covered walk is inscribed with Christian sayings and quotations from the Bible. In 2015, the range of gardens will be expanded to include an English garden. And in 2017, just two years later, the Gardens of the World and the neighbouring Wuhletal valley will be hosting the International Garden Exhibition IGA Berlin.

One more recommendation:

The Berliner Balkon (Berlin’s balcony) 11 is a vast slope between the Mahlsdorf and Kaulsdorf localities leading to the higher ground on the Barnim plateau. On a clear day, this western-facing spur offers a view far out across the Berlin Glacial Valley. Discover Berlin off the beaten track