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At home with the children

How to master the challenge

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The first week with the children at home is behind us, now we have to hold out. Staying at home - not so easy when the children meet their friends and want to go outside. That means being inventive and offering something at home. We have looked around and have put together some things for you here. With a few tips and ideas for you and your children, you'll be able to meet the challenge. Have fun!

Grips Theater - We're closed. But we're here!

Theatre Grips in Berlin
"Pünktchen und Anton" in the Grips Theater © David Baltzer/

The popular theatre has created a blog for you, where there is something new to discover every day. Watch the live recordings of the plays Pünktchen trifft Anton und Julius und die Geister. Under the headings "See. Listen. Read. Singing. Moving. Do. Discover", a wide variety of contributions are uploaded daily until the GRIPS can play live in front of an audience again. So it's well worth checking back regularly.

Grips Theater online

Sports - the digital way

Basketballteam Alba Berlin
Basketballteam Alba Berlin © Camera4

Now it's not about watching and cheering, but doing something yourself: exercise tips from fitness experts and yoga trainers for your home. ALBA Berlin offers a daily digital sports lesson for children and teenagers on their YouTube channel. From 9 am to 11 am from Monday to Friday for the age groups kindergarten children, primary school children and for high school age.

In other words: there is something for every age group. The week ends with tips and tasks to send the children into the weekend. Maybe the parents can join in as well?

ALBA Berlin sportsprogramme

Familiy workout

Doing Yoga
Doing Yoga © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

For some exercise for the whole family there are numerous Youtube videos. Keep fit together and have fun at the same time - that's the motto here.

Digital Training sessions from Berlin

Treasure hunting and exploring

View inside the me Collectors Room
View inside the me Collectors Room © me Collectors Room Berlin, Foto: Bernd Borchardt

Scavenger hunt through the Wunderkammer Olbricht's digital? That is also possible. The meCollectors Room takes you on a video tour through the treasure room. Here you can see unique, wonderful, old and new from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Afterwards you go on an exciting hunt and when you have solved the riddle, a little treasure awaits you on your next visit to the meCollectors Room.

Or you can visit the virtual exhibition of Moving Energies and Gerhard Richter. Here you will have to retrieve the objects that have been lost during your visit. So, go on the search!

Now is the time for small and big researchers. You can find great experiments from home at Helmholtz, From pinhole cameras to glass eyes to camouflage colours in the sea, there are many exciting experiments, some requiring more patience than others. Take your time and have fun discovering them.

Out there in your home

Cherry blossoms at Gardens of the World
Cherry blossoms at Gardens of the World © visitBerlin, Foto: Maxi-Lena Schuleit

Stop by the zoo again to see how the panda toddlers Pit and Paule are doing. You can visit them in the RBB media library from April 8th.

Also the plant competition "Wir tun was für Bienen" (we do something for bees) will take place despite all circumstances and is looking forward to your participation. Take advantage of the beautiful days and make your garden or balcony beautiful and give the bees a home.

Berlin's parks and gardens bring spring into your home: In the video series Park TV you can choose content from a total of four categories:

  •     #bleibfit: Sports in the Britzer Garten
  •     #bleibneugieirig:Travelling through the gardens of the world
  •     #bleibgrün: Gardening in Kienbergpark
  •     #bleibunterhalten: Green Sounds

E-books and computer games

Potsdamer Platz with high-rise buildings
© (c) visumate

Berlin at Minecraft: It couldn't have been more fitting: the popular computer game has created a map for Berlin-Mitte. Here you can build and rebuild buildings together from Potsdamer Platz to Rosa Luxemburg-Platz. Reinvent the Berlin Block.

The libraries in Berlin have closed, but they still provide you with the online services. In addition to e-books and audio books, you can also download and stream films and music. You can also create an identity card online. Make yourself comfortable.

Online learning tools

© Getty Images, Foto: Alexander Spatari

And if you want to do something good for your general education on the weekend, why not use the free learning opportunities and knowledge databases

  • Simpleclub -  individual learning plans, learning videos and exercises for all important subjects from grade 7 on.
  • Duden Lernattack  - the access is currently two months free for you

Digital learning and further education offers

Familiy cooking

Vegetarian and vegan food in Berlin
vegan food © Getty Images, Foto: Westend61

After all the learning and digital sports, one thing must not be forgotten: Healthy food. The Sarah Wiener Stiftung has developed a pilot offer for you as part of its initiative for practical nutrition education 'I can cook!' With recipes, cooking tips and ideas for snacks from Sarah Wiener's kitchen, you can prepare fresh, varied and delicious dishes together.

You might find even more tips for cooking with the whole family, either delicious street food or typical Berlin recipes.

If you want to have something sent to you or picked up, take a look at the restaurants with take away and delivery:

Take away and home delivery

Play at home

Ausflug in die Wuhlheide und FEZ
© visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

Who builds a stage room out of pizza boxes, scissors, glue and crayons? Who will find the motif in the apartment that you photographed on your smartphone? The Play at home initiative has put together numerous ideas for you to play and do handicrafts. With playful joy, ingenuity and serenity, you will master this unusual everyday life together.

Play at home

Stay healthy and please stay at home!

Here you can find important information about the Current situation in Berlin.



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