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The Green Oases and Dizzy Heights of Charlottenburg

View on the Radio tower in Berlin
View on the Radio tower Funkturm © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Millions of people are on the move every day in Berlin. They get on and off buses, trains and trams, heading to work, shopping or picking up the kids from day care. They often have only their goal in sight and lose sight of Berlin. We want to change that in our new blog series. Yes to getting off the beaten path, no to ignoring our surroundings. So, we’ll be travelling to stops that are less well-known but which have a lot to offer Berliners and guests of the city alike. And we’ll take an especially close look, try things out, have new experiences, in other words, enjoy Berlin to the fullest!

Today’s stop: Kaiserdamm... It’s spring, finally! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the spring flowers once again add colour to the capital city after a long winter. Finally, I can go outside without gloves and winter boots! Fabulous! My tour today starts on Charlottenburg’s Kaiserdamm: eight lanes, zero flair. But just five minutes later, I’ve totally forgotten the cars on the loud street. I’ve arrived at the Lietzensee, one of Charlottenburg’s many small oases. The park around the lake is a popular meeting place for young and old: Parents take walks with their children, seniors meet for activities, and the sun worshippers lie on the lawns in summer. The diversity of the park’s fans is why I feel so comfortable here! My favourite spot is in the rear of the park, where I can once again see the full expanse of the Lietzensee after it was squeezed down to just five metres across as it passed under Neue Kantstraße. Back here, the park’s quieter and emptier, a good spot to reflect or just relax. My personal highlight is the Grand Cascade with watercourse and colourful flowers.

From 0 to 126 in 33 seconds

Not far away are the exhibition grounds of Berlin: You can even see the reflection of the Radio Tower on the water of the Lietzensee. I now exchange my green oasis for some dizzy heights, as I walk just 10 minutes to the base of the tower. There, I discover a small open-air exhibition with photos and stories about the Radio Tower. I’m surprised to find out that it only cost 203,600 German Reichsmark in 1926! What a deal! In just 33 seconds, the lift takes me up 126 metres to the tower’s observation deck. There’s much to discover that you can’t really see from the top of the TV Tower on the other side of town: the Teufelsberg, the Olympic Stadium, the Corbusier House, Charlottenburg City Hall...  

But if heights aren’t your thing, you can also stay down below: At the southern end of the Lietzensee Park is Suarezstraße, home to countless antique shops. Shopping with class! Or just stay at the lake: The sunsets are especially beautiful as the sun drops behind the trees of the park.

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