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Foodspots of March 2018

The Instagram restaurant guide for Berlin

L2 Restaurant in Berlin Friedrichshain
L2 Restaurant in Berlin © (c) visumate

Berlin is a culinary hotspot. Whether traditional cuisine, international specialties or top-notch restaurants – the capital's food scene is as delicious as it is varied, and every month we go in search of the city's most attractive, delicious and exceptional food spots for you.

1. Schwiliko Georgian Restaurant & Khachapuria

Schwiliko brings traditional Georgian cuisine to Kreuzberg in Berlin. A glance at the menu quickly reveals that walnuts play a special role in the dishes - whether in meat dishes, pastes, sauces, or as a dessert. The Georgian national dish is Khachapuri, a dough speciality with cheese or in other variations with butter and fried eggs. The variety of fresh herbs such as bay leaves, savory, and fenugreek gives dishes such as Amolesili Lobio (bean stew) and Katmis Mikhali (chicken salad with radishes and pomegranate) a unique taste that entices you to come back. The guest area has a living room atmosphere with family photos, children's things, and old souvenirs. It is fitting that several small dishes are often ordered and cheerfully shared here.

address: Schlesische Str. 29, 10997 Berlin
opening hours: Daily from 5pm

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2. L2 Restaurant

A different type of Japanese: The L2 Restaurant in Friedrichshain does not focus on sushi but on authentic BBQ. Equipped with your own table grill, you can become a barbecue master yourself. Create your own grill plate, including roast beef, duck breast fillet, salmon slices, or choose from one of the many grill combinations. The meat comes from an Argentinian farm in South America and the sauces and marinades are all homemade. There are of course also various ready-made starters and "South East Specials" such as fried chicken dough pockets and grilled chicken skewers with Pakchoi and rice. The drinks menu also leaves nothing to be desired. You can choose from detox drinks, colourful lemonades, juices, cocktails, wine and more!

address: Proskauer Straße 33, 10247 Berlin
opening hours: Monday to Saturday,  12am - 2pm / 5pm- 11pm

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3. gärtnerei berlin

Vegetables are the new meat! That is at least the motto of the restaurant gärtnereri at the corner of Garten and Torstraße in Mitte, Berlin. What many restaurants only serve as a side dish is the main part of the dish here. Instead of steak and roast chicken, black salsify, peas, chard and more are served on your plate, not raw but smoked, pickled, baked, or caramelised. In addition to fresh vegetables and herbs, however, fish and meat variations are also often part of the creative and varied combinations. The special feature: All ingredients are creatively and elaborately prepared and served here. The portions are deliberately kept slightly smaller, inviting you to try them out and share them. So make yourself comfortable in the cosy armchairs, sofas, and at rustic wooden tables and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

address: Torstraße 179, 10115 Berlin
opening hours: Monday to Saturday,  6pm - 11 pm

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4. 100 Brote

Good, honest, and simple bread - that's what's on offer at the 100 Brote café/bakery in Prenzlauer Berg. The bread here is made from only flour, water, and salt, because the real flavour is in the properly crispy crusts. You can choose between Jungsbrot (80% rye flour and 20% spelt flour) and the Hungry Shepherd (60% spelt flour and 40% rye flour). You can buy them in whole or as a ready-made sandwich. For example, there are always large breads with lard, Nutella, or homemade jam, and the daily menu includes creations with Leberkäs, sweet mustard, and pickled gherkins. The classic, however, is the "Kiezbrot" with egg, cream cheese, mustard sauce, and chives. The good baking craftsmanship is not only evident in the breads, but also in the lovingly prepared cakes and pastries.

address: Hufelandstraße 2, 10407 Berlin
opening hours: Monday to Saturday  8am - 8pm / Sunday 9am - 6pm

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PS:  You’ll also find even more spots on Instagram under the hashtag #foodspots_berlin / #visit_berlin.