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Foodspots of March 2016

Top 5 Instagram eateries of the month

District Môt
District Môt © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

In Berlin, you can not only go out to eat delicious food, you can also eat out in style. Every month we look for the best, tastiest, and most exceptional Foodspots for you.

Clärchens Ballhaus

This food spot is a true classic in Berlin. The restaurant has been an institution in Berlin Mitte's beautiful Auguststraße for around 100 years. Its mirrored walls tell stories of broken hearts, boisterous festivals, delicious food, and toiling "Trümmerfrauen", which you can learn about on the website, in guides, or in books. And even today, the Berlin Bear dances here: Every night there is different music, from Salsa, Argentinean tango, swing, to cha cha and waltzes. The special feature: patrons dine right in the middle of the dance hall. In addition to rustic German cuisine there are also delicious wood oven pizzas and fresh cakes from our own bakery on the menu.

"Ursprung" café-restaurant

This food spot promises peace and relaxation amidst the city bustle in Friedrichstrasse.  Café Ursprung is located in the vertical garden in the Dussmann KulturKaufhaus - a paradise for book lovers. So if you are exhausted from reading books and need a snack, you can try breakfast, teas, and the restaurant's own "tapas with local ingredients" between 6,000 tropical plants. And you know what's best? You can order a "catuccino" in Café-Ursprung, which means you can enjoy a cappuccino that looks like a creamy cat!

TU Skyline

A secret tip that is also in our book (and our blog): Directly located on Ernst-Reuther-Platz in Charlottenburg is the TU Skyline, the cafeteria of the Technical University of Berlin. You don't have to be a student to go here for an affordable snack or short coffee break. Why should you do that? The snappy name of the cafeteria programme is because it provides a magnificent view of the city, more specifically of Straße des 17. Junis with the zoo, victory column, Brandenburg Gate, television tower and much more. There are also more viewing spots for Berlin here.

District Mot

The exotic heart of Berlin - in Rosenthalerstraße in District Mot there are unusual specialties such as silkworm, frog legs, chicken feet salad, and Matcha cheesecake. Other aspects of the Far Eastern lifestyle can also be experienced as small colourful plastic stools are used as seating, cables extend from the walls, and a street food stand is parked right in the room. This partly clichéd mix of authentic, oblique influences, the stylish interior design, crazy Asian kitsch, and exceptional delicacies underline the concept of this Vietnam foot spot, which has long since had cult status. Exoticism, extravagance, simplicity, and quality are equally united here.

District Môt
District Môt © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Piris Chicken Burger

Berlin is Germany's burger capital - and the mania about the two halves of bread is never ending! On the contrary. There is even a burger shop with a focus on chicken and it also offers weekly Manic Monday deals - which in plain language means the best burgers plus beer and liquor at a low price. But that is not the only reason for the popularity of the unpretentious takeout in Kreuzberg, which also has tofu and beef in addition to chicken on offer. Because the burgers here just taste really good, the quality is right, and especially: the burgers are huge! Since this is real street food, you should plan for a little waiting time and few seating options when visiting.

Ps: For more delicious restaurants in Berlin visit #foodspots_berlin / #visit_berlin on Instagram.