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Food Spots in January 2016

Top 5 Instagram eateries of the month

Design Shop Hallesches Haus pictured from inside
Design Shop Hallesches Haus pictured from inside © Simone Hawlisch

Not only is the food delicious when dining out in Berlin, the whole experience can also be quite stylish. Each month we will look for the prettiest, tastiest, and most extraordinary food spots and share them with you.

Osmans Töchter

Let’s get the year off to a good start with a visit to Osmans Töchter. As you might have sussed, this restaurant serves food with Anatolian (Turkish) influences paired with an international flair. The furnishings may surprise you: sleek, light, and airy and maybe a little girlish. There’s a fresh wind blowing through Osmans Töchter, as if it were coming straight off the Aegean. And Osman’s daughters are, incidentally, the ones behind the stove serving their own creations to create an intercultural dining experience that’s just like stopping in at someone’s home!

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Winterfeldt Schokoladen Café

They say that chocolate makes the world go round, don’t they? Regardless, the quaint Winterfeldt Schokoladen Café is soon to be equal to the centre of the universe for chocolate lovers. Located in a former pharmacy, the only medicine on offer here are the stacks of top-quality chocolate, fine candies, and exquisite coffees on the shelves. And, to make matters worse for your diet, the shop also offers delicious cakes, extremely rich hot chocolate, sweet spreads, and sugary biscuits. Sweetness knows no limits here. So indulge. And, if you haven’t satisfied your sweet tooth yet, you can even sign up for a Winterfeldt chocolate subscription! Oh dear, we’re going to be in trouble!

Hallesches Haus

Hallesches Haus not only offers delicious food, but also a great opportunity to browse the gifts and creative decorating ideas on offer. The retail space not only houses a dining area decorated in a rather minimalist style, but also a section with high-end interior design products. At noon, the kitchen puts on the lunch of the day, canteen-style, while mornings are all about fresh coffee and delicious breakfasts. Everything is organic, of course, and made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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Café Ora

This café was also once home to a pharmacy, in fact, one of the oldest in the city. Located directly on Oranienplatz with beautiful stucco finishes, high ceilings, and historic apothecary cabinets, this café no longer requires prescriptions to receive service. The wonderful food serve here might be medicine enough. The selection on the menu at Café Ora is small, but nice, and in the evening you can also stop by for a drink at the bar.

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Keyser Soze in Mitte

It’s nice to find a restaurant committed to Spaghetti Wednesday and other tasty dishes on the menu! Keyser Soze in Berlin Mitte is such a food spot, offering the full programme like home-made cheese-ham spaetzle, Wiener Schnitzel or Apfelstrudel with vanilla-soze. They also serve coffee, cakes, snacks and breakfast, all prettily arranged and served in a cosy atmosphere. Bon appetit!

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