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Floral views

Event highlights of the IGA 2017

IGA Berlin 2017
IGA Berlin 2017 © Getty Images, Foto: Keikona

The International Garden Exhibition is an absolute highlight in Berlin this year. From the 13th of April to the 15th of October, there is a series of numerous exciting events, that we of course don’t want to keep hidden from you. Here is a small overview of our favourites:

1. Musical Highlights

Numerous concerts will be taking place, surrounded by the fascinating scenery of thousands of flowers. Whether it’s German pop hits, jazz or musicals, there is guaranteed to be something to everyone’s liking on offer:

30th April: Jazz meets classical

4th June: Whitsun concert by Bernhard Brink

23rd June: Die Prinzen

12th August: Max Giesinger

16th August: Elvis – The Musical

2. Sporting Highlights

If we are completely honest, it’s hard for all of us to bring ourselves to do sport sometimes isn’t it? The IGA Berlin 2017 makes it easy though, and offers some exciting sports to try out:

every Wednesday: Dance at the Blumentheater

7th May: Zumba & boxing

12th May: Taekwondo

3rd June: American football

8th June: Yoga

11th June: Mazda IGA run

3. Floral Highlights

Despite the many sporting and musical highlights, the main focus is of course on plants. Hundreds of botanic exhibition events are awaiting your visit: 6th-14th May: Nordic lights – Plants from Lower Saxony and Bremen

5th-8th August: Shimmering ocean currents – Floristry from Korea

various dates: Tropical journey to the orchid cove

various dates: Rose – queen of the flowers, a medicinal plant and culinary experience

various dates: Floristry demonstration with regional flowers and plants

various dates: Plant rescue day

4. Other Highlights

Yet that is nowhere near everything, because there is something in store for (almost) all other interests at the IGA Berlin 2017. We find the following events especially exciting:

6th May: Colouring with natural materials

9th-13th May: Insect exhibition

15th-17th September: Vehicle innovations

various dates: Artistic walk with Erik Göngrich

various dates: Screen-printing workshop

various dates: Readings in the park

The IGA is over now, but there is still a lot to do and to see in the Gärten der Welt. Read more.