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Falafel in Mitte

Taste of Berlin: Dada Falafel

Streetfood Berlin
Streetfood ©, Foto: PamelaJoeMcFarlane

Our Berlin bloggers are out and about constantly, discovering spots both old and new, delicious secrets, little highlights, and great treats for the gourmet in all of us. This time: Dada Falafel at Oranienburger Tor.

What's on offer?

Dada Falafel offers a fine selection of cuisine typical of the Eastern Mediterranean: halloumi cheese, couscous, falafel, and, of course, plenty of hummus, available as pita sandwiches or as dinners with a small side salad.

How does it taste?

The first real falafel in my life (the ones at the university cafeteria definitely do not count) are really delicious: crispy on the outside, fluffy and juicy on the inside. It's no wonder that Dada is famous for them. The falafel are served with hummus, an herb sauce, a spicy tomato and mango salsa, and flatbread. The place offers something for everyone!

What else?

If you'd like to eat your way through the menu, you should start with the Dada Plate, offering a bit of everything, vegetarian or meat-based, as you like. If you'd like to eat there, you should come before 7 pm because the 30 seats in the tiny restaurant are mostly filled thereafter.


All in all, praiseworthy: fresh, inexpensive food in a small, cosy shop decorated in greens and reds. Head on over, treat your taste buds, enjoy life. Dada Falafel, Linienstraße 132, Price class: Low Written by Kathrin Hoffmann