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Spreeblick auf die Museumsinsel
Museumsinsel in Berlin © iStock, Foto: SeanPavonePhoto

There are more than 170 museums in Berlin. Although you can't visit them in person at the moment, a virtual tour with your computer or your smartphone will help you discover completely new sides of Berlin's cultural institutions. To help you get started in the world of digital museums, we have put together the numerous virtual entry portals for you here.

Museumsinsel (Museum Island)

Bode Museum auf der Museumsinsel
© visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

More than 6000 years of human history can be discovered on Berlin's Museum Island. Google Arts & Culture takes you on a virtual tour of the five buildings. Learn more about history, architecture and explore the individual buildings and exhibits in 3D and panoramic images. Your virtual tour is partly supplemented with explanatory audio tracks. Once immersed in Google's virtual world, you can explore the art and cultural heritage of mankind worldwide.

Museum Island Berlin

Stiftung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten

Sanssouci in Potsdam
Sanssouci in Potsdam © SPSG, Schloss Sanssouci, Leo Seidel

Under the hashtag #MUSEUMFROMHOME the Stiftung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten has put together its most beautiful collections on Goolge Arts & Culture for you. These include the famous collection of paintings by Frederick the Great and a virtual tour of the picture gallery of Sanssouci. In addition, you will find TV documentaries, reports and YouTube videos that will take you to the magnificent gardens and castles. And if that's not enough, T-RECS even gives you an insight into scientific research.


More Berlin-Projects on Google Arts&Culture

My personal favorite feature on Google Arts & Cultur is the Art Selfie. Here you can see which famous portrait a photo of you most resembles.

Museum for Communication

Blick auf die Berliner Luft Post_Michael Ehrhart
© Museum für Kommunikation, Foto: Michael Erhart

How fitting that the Museum of Communication is currently dealing with digital change. You can experience the exhibition online via the museum's website and browse through the museum's digital collections. Have you had enough of all the virtuality? Then click your way to the digital collection of "Briefe ohne Unterschrift" ("Letters without a signature"). Here GDR history comes alive.

Museum for Communication

LEMO – German History Online

Deutsches Historisches Museum
Deutsches Historisches Museum © DHM/ Thomas Bruns

This web presence of the Deutsche Historische Museum (German Historical Museum) is the oldest existing online portal that wants to make history digitally experienceable. You can travel through time from the Vormärz (1815) to the age of globalization (2001). Numerous videos, maps, statistics, historical photographs, contemporary witness reports, biographies and digitized original documents make the portal a real treasure trove, provide exciting insights into the history of Germany.


Deutsches Technikmuseum (Museum of Technology)

Technikmuseum Berlin
© Foto: Serjozha Kostyushev

The Museum of Technology is involved in two virtual projects at the same time, such as the first German hackathon for open cultural data. COD1NG DA V1NC1 shows what has already been created. In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, 13 curated stories take you online into the world of technology. Learn more about how the steam engine works or the history of the market and mobility.

Deutsches Technikmuseum

And the best thing in times of travel stops: You can book tickets for your virtual journey through Europe via the Fritz-Fahrkartentool. Well, not quite. But at least you can create your own personal ticket and learn a lot about the beginnings of local public transport. The German Museum of Technology has the largest collection of historical tickets (historische Fahrkartensammlung). The over 120,000 international tickets, collected by the opera singer Fritz Hellmuth and processed by the Crowd, date from the mid-19th century to 1925.

Historische Fahrkartensammlung

Stiftung Stadtmuseum

Arches of Nikolaikirche
Arches of Nikolaikirche © Stadtmuseum Berlin, Foto: Michael Setzpfand

After a digital 360-degree tour of the Nikolaikirche, the Stadtmuseum invites you to discover Berlin in 70 songs. Schlager, Swing, Punk, Techno, Hip-Hop, Rap and more can be heard in the Jukebox - BerlinZeit. Next to the Playlist on Spotify, the Stadtmuseum streams various audio-files on soundcloud, giving insights into historic events and historical personalities such as the personal physician of the Elector, Leonhard Thurneisser, who tells about the time of the plague. Maybe a bit macabre at the moment, but exciting. Sound off!

Jukebox - BerlinZeit

Märkisches Museum

Märkisches Museum
© Stadtmuseum Berlin, Foto: Oliver Ziebe

Of course, the individual houses of the Stiftung Stadtmuseum also have their own online presence. On the Märkisches Museum's website you will find digitized objects, photographs of pieces of the Berlin Wall, information on individual exhibitions and thematic audio guides, for example on the exhibition BerlinZeit. It is worthwhile to browse.

Online Collection

Museum Barberini

View of Potsdam’s historic center with the Museum Barberini
View of Potsdam’s historic center with the Museum Barberini © Helge Mundt

On the in-house app of the Barberini Museum in Potsdam you can not only get information about current exhibitions. Barberini Digital takes you as far away as Italy. On a virtual tour through Potsdam you can see the originals of the Italian-influenced buildings in the cityscape in elaborately designed slides.

Museum Barberini

Monet.Orte at Museum Barberini

Monet. Orte. - Ausstellung im Museum Barberini
© Claude Monet: Steilküste von Aval, 1885, Privatsammlung

An insight into the current Monet exhibition in the Barberini Museum is provided by the documentation on arte: Monet: In the Light of the Moment (Monet: Im Licht des Augenblicks). On the website of the Barberini Museum on Monet. Orte you can experience the exhibition virtually. Enter the magical world of images and learn more about the life and work of the artist. Changing impressions from the Monet exhibition can also be found on the social media channels of the Barberini Museum. And soon you can also enjoy a tour of the exhibition filmed by rbbKultur with curator Daniel Zamani.

Monet. Orte

visitBerlin About Berlin App

Brandenburger Tor Berlin
© visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

The best way to use our app is of course to take a walk through Berlin. Of course you can also discover the city of freedom from your living room couch with About Berlin. Learn more about the history and stories of our city. Numerous historical pictures, videos and mini audio books about the individual stories turn your virtual trip into a multimedia discovery tour.

About Berlin App

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