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Everything you need to know about Berlin Mural Fest 2018

Stiff necks are guaranteed

Buntes Graffiti mit Fernsehturm in Berlin
Graffiti mit Fernsehturm © franckreporter

Something big is about to happen in Berlin very soon. In the truest sense of the word. More than 10 new, sky-high street art murals will spring up all over Berlin starting in May and enriching the city with numerous breathtaking works of art. No matter if Friedrichshain, Schöneberg or Moabit - at this festival stiffness of the neck is guaranteed!

Wanna know what's behind the colourful facades? We have gathered everything you need to know for the most bombastic and blatant festival in Berlin in 2018!

First of all: this festival is not a festival at all, but a celebration. A celebration to crown Berlin as one of the most exciting street art metropolises of all. The event will take place from May 18th to 21st, but maybe you will see one of the murals or one of the numerous artists even earlier, because painting will start on May 5th.


Weltbaum Berlin at Lehrter Straße during Mural Fest
Weltbaum Berlin at Lehrter Straße during Mural Fest © visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius

Do you know Berlin's oldest Mural? Ben Wagin's world tree is located on a fire wall of Sigmunds Hof at Tiergarten S-Bahn station since 1975. The bony branches of the tree shaped the cityscape at the S-Bahn station for over four decades. Now, 43 years later, the old tree has to be transplanted. Together with Ben Wagin, the mural is being redesigned by young artists at Lehrter Straße 30. Visible to everyone and on a wall that cannot be build over so quickly.

The Artists

The line-up is quite impressive. We present you four of the outstanding artists:

El Bocho

He keeps his identity secret but his pictures are known to everyone: El Bocho's iconic female figures adorn numerous backyards and house walls, especially in Berlin. In addition to the pink, poppy female figures, Little Lucy, two talking cameras and Tina Berlina belong to El Bocho's famous figure repertoire.

Mr. Woodland

Characters are his speciality: Daniel Westermeier, alias Mr. Woodland from Erding, relies on a mixture of illustration, surrealism and graphic elements in his works of art. His large paintings are in many respects closer to painting than to classical graffiti. His work in Erding is best known: the globetrotter with a badger in his arms.

Klebebande from Berlin

The Tape Art Kollektiv has left its mark all over Berlin: The artists, who create gigantic installations, room concepts and images from adhesive tape, focus primarily on contrasts, urban themes and animal motifs, combining everything into a unique visual language.

Arsek & Erase

Optical illusions, three-dimensionality, intense glances and bright colours. This is probably the quickest way to get to the heart of the Arsek & Erase concept from Bulgaria. On Instagram, Arsek & Erase have over 90,000 followers who are intoxicated by the colour explosions of street art artists.

Background: THE HAUS

You remember THE HAUS? Exactly one year ago, the art project caused a sensation in Berlin and far beyond. More than 100 artists used the opportunity to conquer a former office building shortly before its demolition date to paint, cover or redesign every spot, every toilet door and every centimetre of space. And everyone was queuing. No matter if Heidi Klum, film director Lana Wachowski or culture senator Klaus Lederer - everyone wanted to see THE HAUS. The result was 78,000 visitors in 2 months and hours of waiting. For all those who made it in and experienced The HAUS, it remains a breathtaking memory. Photos were strictly forbidden, the house was demolished at the end, just as planned.

Programme, events und places

This year everything will be different: no lines, no photo ban, instead art for the whole city and maybe even for a little eternity. Besides the Murals, other street art events will take place all over the city. All information about the events, the walls or the parties can be found in the app, which will be released especially for the festival. You can also check out the festival's most important murals on this map (download here).

Berlin Mural Festival Map
Berlin Mural Fest 2018 Map © Berlin Mural Fest 2018

Berlin Mural Karte Locations Streetart Live-Performance

Let’s play – the App for your guided streetart tour

With the app you can go on a photo tour and not only view and photograph the works of art, but also learn more about them. The Augmented Reality function of the app provides you with all information about the artists and their works. The app also offers a geocaching function.

How will you get there?

Of course, Berliners know how to get from A to B in the city (although it's said that there are Berliners who never leave their neighbourhood!). For everyone else: The murals are sometimes pretty far away from each other. Our tip: Check out which artists you are particularly interested in and take a look at one corner in a row. If you still have time, the bus, subway and suburban train will take you all over the city. All murals are located in traffic zones A and B.

More Streetart in Berlin

Museum für Urban Art vor dem Umbau des Museums Sept. 2017
Urban Nation Museum For Contemporary Urban Art in Berlin_2 © visitBerlin, Foto: Sönke Schneidewind

Museum für Urban Art vor dem Umbau des Museums. Neueröffnung ist am 13.09.2017 URBAN NATION ist eine internationale Institution für Künstler und Projekte, die ab 16. September 2017 als Museum neue Maßstäbe setzen wird. Bülowstraße 7, 10783 Berlin

The street art scene has grown up and produced incredibly talented artists and well-known names. Wild, free, political and anarchic, it is still happening on the "screens" of established and young street artists today. But in the meantime, the art form has found the recognition it deserves. In the Bülowstraße in Schöneberg you will find the first Streetart Museum in Germany, the Museum For Urban Contemporary Art Berlin. The way to the museum is already worthwhile for the meter-high Murals along the road. And of course there are the classics like the Astronaut Cosmonaut in Kreuzberg, the legendary East Side Gallery or special exhibitions like The Art of Banksy. You can learn all the secrets and insider tips about the Berlin Streeart scene and history during a guided tour on the subject of Urban Art in Berlin.

State of the Art

Illegal street art was yesterday. This festival is absolutely legal, the participants are luminaries in their field, who legally create breathtaking exhibits. We are looking forward to the biggest Open Air Gallery Berlin has ever seen. And don't worry, until then you can already go on a street art tour with our tips:

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