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Digital Training sessions from Berlin

Fitness for the living room

Steigenberger Hotel Fitness mit Blick auf das Regierungsviertel
© Copyright: Lara Sauna & Wellness GmbH

The bike ride to work every morning, the walk to the subway, all of those daily routines to get at least a bit of exercise every day are missing when you work from home. Our journeys are mostly limited to the few steps from our work-desk or kitchen table to the coffee machine. Admittedly, it's not easy to motivate yourself to do sports and exercise on your own. That's why we've put together a collection of great offers from Berlin studios and trainers. Ready, set, go! (Please note, that many of the trainings are in German language only. All photos in this article are symbolic images) 

Tip 1: Have fun together: Stadtbewegung (Urban movement)

07.04.2019 Halbmarathon  Berlin
Sport © Camera4

Under the motto "The city is our sports ground", the Stadtbewegung association invites everyone to move together and have fun. The diverse - partly subsidised - offers range from Qui Gong to Calisthenics. Currently, of course, there are numerous virtual courses. As far as the lockdown and the weather permit, training also takes place outside. The aim is to motivate each other. Maybe you would even like to start your own group.


Tip 2: Crossfit with the LSB: Move at Home

Young sportsmen and sportswomen in outdoor sports
Calisthenics © Getty Images, Foto: Westend61

With Move at Home, the Landessportbund Berlin has put a broad fitness offer on the web. You train via video or audio instructions. The instructions and workouts were created together with various partners and range from yoga to street dance, Zumba, Tabata and Crossfit to workouts for the fascia. Let's go!

Move at Home

Tip 3: Yoga

The Latest Store Yoga Equipment
Yoga Equipment © Foto: THE LATEST

Since there are many great offers we have summarized the online yoga classes and live streams in a separate blog post.

Yoga online

Tip 4: Sports lessons sent from Berlin's parks & gardens

Autumn atmosphere in the Britzer Garten in Berlin
At the lake in the Britzer Garten © Grün Berlin GmbH

Do you also long for summer, sun or at least to be able to be active outdoors again? Then the Bleib Fit series from Park TV is just right for you. The trainers take you to Berlin's parks and gardens and show you cool moves that you can easily do at work or in your living room. Have fun!

Park TV: Bleib Fit

Tip 5: Flying Steps Academy

Sao Paulo Event -Classic meets Break Dance-
Break Dance © Foto: Edu Coutoo

Break dance, hip hop, afro or dancehall: the Flying Steps Academy is probably one of the biggest if not the biggest urban dance school in Germany. You can currently book Zoom classes online and get inspired for cool moves on Instagram. Step it up!

Flying Steps Academy

Tip 6: Lauf Mama Lauf

A young family jogging
Jogging with the whole family © Getty Images, Foto: Halfpoint

The fitness movement initiated by Moms for Moms, where mothers work out together under guidance in the park, now keeps you virtually fit. The living room offers range from pregnancy gymnastics to Mommy Makes More, for mothers with toddlers from 9 months. There are also special offers for mums with a child and a ball. A trial lesson is free of charge.

Lauf Mama Lauf

Tip 7: The rbb does fitness

12.08.2018 Leichtathletik EM Day 6
Laufen © Camera4

Twice a day, rbb streams varied fitness lessons on Facebook, YouTube and of course on its own website. From power training to family sports to yoga: With the campaign "Der rbb macht Fitness" (rbb does fitness), the radio station motivates you with two daily streams to exercise at home. Incidentally, rbb also cooperates with the Landessportbund and gets local trainers in front of the camera who would otherwise be left without jobs due to the closure of many halls.

Der rbb macht Fitness

Tip 8: Circles: Self-defence for everyone

BEM 2018
Stabhochsprung © BERLIN 2018, Foto: camera4

You want to catapult your fitness level to a new level? The 7 circles, the Berlin academy for martial arts and body awareness, shows you how you can work on your movements without a "real" partner. Because if you really want to be able to defend yourself in an emergency, you should be so familiar with the sequences that your body performs them almost automatically. Here, too, practice makes perfect.

Train with the 7 Circles Academy

Tip 9: radioeins: Beautiful Sport

Yoga Unterricht
Yoga © Getty Images, Foto: Tom Werner

With radioeins you train with the former Olympic gymnast Anke Schönfelder. She is now a qualified fitness trainer and will get you going with a daily workout.

Der schöne Sport


Tip 10: Alba Youth: Tips for Kids

Basketballteam Alba Berlin
Basketballteam Alba Berlin © Camera4

The Berlin basketball team ALBA streams daily sports lessons for children of different age groups. Under the motto Sport macht Spaß (Sport is fun), kindergarten and primary school children train with the ALBA team. For teenagers, there are also various inspiratins and video-tutorials for a daily hour of sport and fitness. And of course you can find highlights of ALBA games and basketball tutorials on the YouTube channel.

Jump into fitness! On Facebook, the trainers of the jumping room show you how to stretch and jump properly. This actually works without a trampoline. And if you want to train something specific, just write a comment. 

The editors of Kinderleicht.Berlin have put together a few tips for you on how to get your children moving at home. And for those of you who miss the trips to the jumping room.

ALBA Berlin 

Tip 11: Rehab sport and line dancing: Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf

Vivantes Klinikum Spandau Neuro-Reha
Reha-Sport © Vivantes International Medicine, Foto: Monique Wüstenhagen

During the lockdown, many Berlin clubs have developed digital sports offers for you. Take a look at the YouTube page of the Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf. Whether you're in the mood for line dancing, want to take it slow with rehabilitation sports or get active with your little ones in a digital group, you won't get bored here.

Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf

Further offers


  • Cyberobics, the Berlin-based provider of digital fitness and aerobics classes, has activated its entire range of offers for you free of charge. Under the hashtag #ITrainAtHome, you can work on your six-pack from home. In total, there are 40 live classes and over 100 other classes to choose from. The first month is free
  • FitX has put together some workout videosfor the living room. 
  • Holmes Place posts exercises on Instagram. The best thing to do is to check out your provider's website.

Stay healthy and please stay home when...

  • if it isn't necessary to go out
  • if you are looking for more things to do at home check out our article about Live-Streams

Here you can find important information about the Current situation in Berlin.

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