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Digital learning offers from Berlin

Education ideas from and for digital natives

Vater und Sohn zu Hause
© Getty Images, Foto: Westend61

Digital school can work - and even be fun. Of course, there are sometimes difficulties and network problems, but Berlin teachers and students seem to have gotten used to teaching and learning via the Internet. Math teachers make YouTube videos, and the digital-native generation is happy to be able to play Minecraft together in addition to teaching via Google Hangouts on Discord. Maybe you'd like to take a real look into the future and plan your next class trip to Berlin?

In the meantime, we recommend that you take advantage of the numerous "Corona gift packages" offered by digital education providers. Here is a selection of - at least mostly - Berlin education experts.

School Knowledge

Tickets Computerspielemuseum Berlin
Computer game museum Berlin © Jörg Metzner/Computerspielemuseum
  • The Berlin-based Cornelsen publishing house has put together numerous ideas for distance learning as well as exciting products in a clearly structured way.
  • Access to the Cornelsen partner Duden Learnattack is currently two months free of charge.
  • The Berlin start-up Sofatutor offers free access to videos, exercises and worksheets up to and including 7 April.
  • Also from Berlin is the Simpleclub Lernapp. Currently they are putting together free help packages with individual learning plans, learning videos and exercises for all important subjects from grade 7 on.
  • Studysmarter allows pupils and students to organise their learning materials, create their own learning plans - and share them with others. Among other things, you will also find some materials from the Humboldt University of Berlin. Click here for the German version of the US model Quizlet.
    If you like to hunt for commas and spelling mistakes, then the free spelling coach, "Orthografietrainer", is for you. On the spelling portal you will find over 5000 test and practice sentences, suitable for 5th grade and above. The evaluation is automatic.
  • Originally from Austria, the non-profit image network is now also taking off in Berlin. With this free online platform you can strengthen your talents, learn together at eye level and discover new (professional) perspectives. The range of workshops on topics such as sustainability or digitization is also exciting.

Not from Berlin, but worthwhile a try:

  • On Scoyo, pupils* from grade 1 to 7 can currently study for two weeks free of charge
  • The Khan Academy is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide access to education for all people around the world. The main focus is on math, science and business topics.

And here are some tipps for your sports lesson

Learn a language

Schülerin sitzt vor einer Tafel
© Getty Images, Foto: Ian Nolan
  • The Berlin-based company Babbel offers free language courses to schoolchildren* for one month.
  • GLS Sprachenzentrum Berlin currently offers a 10 percent discount on all online courses. During the Easter holidays there are two English courses especially for schoolchildren.
  • Not from Berlin but recommended: On Busuu, kids can learn English, Spanish or Chinese for free.

More Digital Learning Opportunities

VÖBB: The Berlin Libraries

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
© visitBerlin, Foto: Jan Frontzek

We cannot mention the VÖBB often enough. Here you can find a lot of reading material online (for example from Tigerbooks), audio books, music, films, and of course learning materials, such as the collected Duden works on school knowledge. There are also free online courses. If you do not have a library card, you can simply register online. For pupils and students the membership is free anyway. For all others the online card is currently free for three months.



Children playing at the FEZ Berlin
Children playing at the FEZ Berlin © visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

Do you already miss the trips to the FEZ in the Wuhleheide? Then why not bring adventure and fun home with you. You can find tips, ideas and many suggestions to get creative on the FEZ website.

FEZ @Home

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Planetarium Berlin
Planetarium © Getty Images, Foto: Hero Images

You always wanted to be an astronaut? Then now you have the opportunity - at least virtually. Learn more about the history of space travel, discover our blue planet or travel virtually through the solar system. On the DLR_next website, you can discover the universe in multimedia form.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Vision Kino Network for Film and Media Competence

Child in the theatre
Child in the theatre © Carmen MartA-nez BanAs

For little cineastes, the Vision Kino network for film and media competence has put together a whole collection of activities for little film fans on its website. It is not only about watching good films, but also about critical thinking and creativity. Make your own roll- or flip book cinema and learn how to make animated films out of plasticine.

Vision Kino

temporary bauhaus app

Weiße Stadt, Bauhaus Architektur in Berlin Reinickendorf
Weiße Stadt, Bauhaus Architektur in Berlin Reinickendorf © Foto: Steve Simon

Under the hashtag #closedbutopen the Bauhaus Berlin has put together a variety of offers for the home. Especially accessible for children is the temporary bauhaus app, which contains an audio tour especially for young listeners and shows more than 100 of the most important works of the Bauhaus artists.

temporary bauhaus app

For Hackers and Gamers

Programming code abstract technology background of software deve
© Getty Images, Foto: monsitj

Hacker School

Together with the Berlin BSR or in the Berlin premises of the DKB, the Hamburg Hacker School organizes exciting weekend workshops for young programmers. These are now available online, teaching is done via zoom.

Hacker School

  • If you are a bit more advanced, then perhaps the  freeCodeCamp is the perfect stepping stone to your coding career.

Fold it: Hack the Virus

Not from Berlin but quite exciting is the scientific computer game "Fold it". By playing the game you can support researchers of the University of Washington with your swarm intelligence. In 2011, scientists successfully solved the mystery of the structure of an enzyme from a monkey virus. The explicit aim of this game on Discord is to fold the spike protein and to find out how to hack the new corona virus. 

Fold it

First Intro into the Digital World

Kleines Mädchen schaut auf einem Smartphone fern
© Getty Images, Foto: SolStock
  • Very young computer fans can experience their first adventures in the digital world with the apps from Fox&Sheep. The Berlin start-up has been part of the Haba games group for a few years now.
  • You can learn programming easily and playfully with the construction kits from Scratch. The inventors are not from Berlin either, but maybe you were allowed to bring your own stories and animations to virtual life with Scratch for an hour at school. If not, then now is the best opportunity to do so!
  • Together with the con terra GmbH the Technology Foundation Berlin has created a minecraft map of the centre of Berlin . The area from Potsdamer Platz to Rosa Luxemburg-Platz is ready. Enjoy building on, with and around it and help to reinvent Berlin block by block!

More Tips for being at Home with the Kids

And then some ...

  • The Diercke World Atlas (Diercke Weltatlashas been a real school classic for decades. Currently you can use all online atlases, maps and graphs for two months for free.
  • ZDF has put together numerous videos, films and multimedia offerings in a virtual classroom.
  • Logo offers the best German language news for kids. Here is a collection of all Logo shows
  • A German classic that should not be missed and is also easy to understand for non native German speakers: The show with the mouse (Die Sendung mit der Maus).
  • On Arte Junior you will find the offer of arte for young viewers bundled.

Stay healthy and please stay home when...

  • it is not absolutely necessary to go out

And here you will find an overview of the current situation in Berlin.

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