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Bleibtreustraße in Charlottenburg

Favourite streets in Berlin

Bleibtreustraße, Berlin street sign
Bleibtreustraße, Berlin street sign © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Everyone has their favourite corners here in Berlin. Also I have several that couldn't be any more different. One of them is Bleibtreustraße near Kurfürstendamm in Berlin's Charlottenburg district. Maybe it's because it reminds me of the Ku'damm back when I was little and Berlin seemed even larger to me than it does now. Anyway, I like this area in Charlottenburg which connects historic Savignyplatz with the famous Kurfürstendamm. In addition to the numerous sweet shops, clothes shops, and restaurants here, there is much more to discover, so why not join me on a walk starting from the Savignyplatz S-Bahn station!

1. Chocolate

As we come out of the station, head south to Bleibtreustraße 46 to one of my personal favourites, especially whenever I have cravings, am busy, feeling down, or in a good mood. In other words, whenever! What is it? Chocolate from Nibs, of course, where you can get a delicious mug of chile cocoa and freshly baked churros. You can even sign up for a chocolate subscription here!

2. Painting ceramics

Right next to Nibs is Paint your Style, a small shop where people have been coming for paint-your-own ceramics for years. And, they make great presents that they can't return!

3. Filmkunst 66

There's always something happening on Bleibtreustraße, whatever the weather or time of day, such as catching a flick. Filmkunst 66 is run by filmmakers themselves and has been one Berlin's outstanding arthouse cinemas since the 1970s.

4. Alibaba's Minipizza

If you love Italian-style food, then Bleibtreustraße should be on your radar. Alibaba is a real find offering original Italian pasta and pizza in rustic surroundings. Especially popular is the affordable mini pizza, although it's too bad that it doesn't come in a vegetarian option.

5. Decorating Dreams

Opposite Alibaba, it's worthwhile taking detour onto Niebuhrstraße. There you'll run into Bramigk & Breer, a shop with great design and home furnishings as well as lots of gift ideas large and small. Tip: Kantstraße around the corner is a true paradise of home goods stores. Among the choices there: Habitare, Rahaus Living, and various Chinese furniture stores.

6. Ice Cream

Not far from Alibaba on the side of the street is one of the sweetest and most delicious ice cream shops that I know of in Berlin. The Schokocafé is so tiny, but it offers an amazing selection of delicious ice creams, especially popular in summer. I especially love salty caramel and Kinderschokolade. And best of all: if you ask, you can even get sprinkles on top. For free!

8. Flowers

Stand still, take a deep breath, and then spontaneously buy some flowers. I can almost never walk past this magical florist's shop without making a short stop!

7. Jewellery!

There are lots of great jewellery stores on Bleibtreustraße, offering everything from fashion jewellery, modern pieces with clean lines, or in-house goldsmiths. Elfin glitter, sparkling bling, and even more lovely frills are for example available at Seti, a studio for fashion, costumes and jewellery.

9. Window Shopping

Granted, I've never been in this shop, but any shop that has a log as a catwalk sticking out of the door is definitely unique and not to be found anywhere else.

10. Roses for infinity

Flowers for eternity. The Fleurs des Paris concept store is one of the latest highlights to arrive on Bleibtreustraße. The quality roses are fresh or long-lasting in the infinity versions. Well kept, they can stay "like new" for at least 3 years. The shop is located further down Bleibtreustraße on the left side after crossing Kurfürstendamm.

11. Jazz Jazz Jazz

And if you're looking for something to do at night, I would recommend one of the old-school jazz clubs nearby: the A-Trane on Bleibtreustraße or Quasimodo at Theater des Westens are both historic spots offering excellent stage performances and great live music.

What else?

Lots of specialities and bakeries from south-western Germany like Repke Spätzlerei & Flammkuchen, small galleries, expensive and less expensive fashion boutiques, gourmet shops, and chic restaurants.