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Berlin Views from Gasometer

Gasometer Schöneberg in Berlin
Gasometer Schöneberg Gasometer Guide Service

We are going to fly high today: We're climbing the Gasometer! At the end in a height of 78 meters, we will have lost a few grams , but will also have gained spectacular insights!

We are now at the foot of the Gasometer in Schöneberg, waiting for a very special city tour - above the roofs of Berlin. Our guide Jule gives us the basics: There are 420 steps. If someone shouldn't be as free from giddiness as expected, they can be picked up and accompanied back to the ground.

Loose items, including smart phones, can't be used up there as they could fall down. So just tie a ribbon to them! Because that's how you can save the spectaculars views of our Berlin forever. Information on the tours (on Fridays on Saturdays from April to October) can be found on

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