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Berlin Stages are playing

Curtain up!

Interior view of the Berliner Ensemble
Berliner Ensemble interior view © Moritz Haase

The show goes on! Most of Berlin's theatres and stages will open in August, after the summer break. Curtain up for an impressive program with numerous premieres and well-known classics. Already in July, some alternative "outdoor" stage concepts were created - and the digital program will continue as well. Because instead of simply letting the curtain fall in times of the Corona crisis, many Berlin cultural workers immediately sent a signal of solidarity - and that life goes on despite Corona. A lot of new things have been created online and offline. Enjoy!

Berliner Ensemble

Berliner Ensemble at Schiffbauerdamm
Berliner Ensemble at Schiffbauerdamm © Foto: Monika Ritterhaus

The Berliner Ensemble opens the season with the world premiere of "Gott ist nicht schüchtern" (God is shy) by Olga Gryaznova on September 4, 2020 in the Großes Haus. The world premiere of Ferdinand von Schirachs "Gott" follows on September 10. Both pieces were actually supposed to be performed on stage in April. All in all, six more premieres follow until the new production of "The Threepenny Opera" in January 2021. The focus will be on contemporary texts with a focus on the challenges of our time such as right-wing populism, expulsion and euthanasia. Advance ticket sales for all performances in September start on 15 August 2020.

Berliner Ensemble

 BKA Theater Hauptstadtstudio

BKA Theater
© BKA Theater, Foto: Sven Ihlenfeld

After almost 60 live streams, the opening of the curtains will be celebrated via live-stream and on location with a big reopening festival. A few guests are even allowed to be there live, when between 22 July and 31 July the big celebration-festival announces "The lights are still on at the BKA - Sleeping Beauty is being kissed awake" ("Im BKA brennt noch Licht - Dornröschen wird wachgeküsst"). 

The BKA Theatre will continue to play online until the end of July - but will resume operations after the summer break on 1 August. It starts with Jurassica Parkas talk show "Paillette geht immer" on Saturday, August 1, followed by the improvisation theatre of the Chaos Royal on Monday, August 3. From 5 August, Ades Zabel will be on the programme with his comedy programme "Edith Schröder - unbendingly colourful!

All those of you who would like to support the BKA Theater additionally can purchase voluntary solidarity tickets or BKA Antivirus livestream tickets. Of course there will be streaming, too, the livestream events are marked in the programme.

Program of the BKA Theaters including the Livestream-Events

Schaubühne Berlin

Play "For the Disconnected Child"
Actors on stage "For the Disconnected Child" © Arno Declair

The Schaubühne is expected to open on 1 August.

Until then, you can continue to browse the video archive, the online replacement playbill runs under the title Zwangsvorstellung ("Obsessions"). On the virtual Schaubühne you can also see original contributions and German-language premiers by international authors and theatre makers who, among other things, report from their countries and on how they dealt with the Corona crisis. In the Schaubühnen-Podcast you can listen to recordings of past "Streitraum" and "Streit ums Politische" events.

Schaubühne Berlin


Maxim Gorki Theater
Maxim Gorki Theater © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien
Maxim Gorki Theater

The Gorki is expected to open on 10 August.

Currently the ensemble of the Gorki-Theatre has some things online for you. For example talks with artists in other parts of the world. In addition, recordings of the livestream series Berlin correspondents will be shown live. Here, ideas and ideologies are discussed about crisis and change.


Deutsches Theater

Exterior view of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin
Deutsches Theater in Berlin © Arno Declair

ALLES SOFORT (EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY) - this is the motto of the 2020/21 season of the Deutsches Theater Berlin. The curtains go up again from from August 13th - Open Air on the forecourt of the Deutsches Theater. On August 29th the new season will open with the premiere of Melissa gets everything from René Pollesch at the Deutsches Theater. On September 15, the multimedia classroom play Corpus Delicti based on the novel by Juli Zeh (director: Robert Lehniger) will celebrate its premiere at the Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium Berlin. 

We don't know (yet) exactly what will happen to the great media library, which brought video trailers, audio plays and productions digitally into the living room. But we are very much hoping for more theatre classics free to the door.

DT Heimspiel

 Kabarett-Theater Distel

Comedy cabaret stage in Berlin
Stage cabaret & comedy © Getty Images, Foto: Trodler

All dates currently scheduled until 30 September have been cancelled. Work is underway on a new Corona-compatible schedule after summer 2020.

But - "anyone who loses his sense of humor now hasn't understood the gravity of the situation." This sentence is currently on the website of the cabaret theatre Distel, which has also temporarily moved its satire to the internet. The programme is regularly expanded, so be sure to stop by for a portion of entertainment. From Saturday, May 16, in addition to songs and scenes from the current program, an episode of the current satirical news show Distelflix will also go online every week.


Glückliches junges Paar
Lachendes Paar © Getty Images, Foto: Westend61

A virtual window into the world of dating in the times of Corona, staged for the digital stage, that is (time together). Meanwhile, three seasons of short, improvised tête-à-têtes and fictitious online speed-dating are online, linking five theatres - the Deutsches Theater Berlin, the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, the Schauspiel Hannover, the Residenztheater Munich and the Staatstheater Nürnberg.

 GRIPS Theater

Theatre Grips in Berlin
"Pünktchen und Anton" in the Grips Theater © David Baltzer/

After the summer break, GRIPS director Philipp Harpain plans to start with a reduced programme on 3 September, but with two premieres instead: BELLA, BOSS UND BULLI (by Volker Ludwig) on 3 September and DAS LEBEN IST EIN WUNSCHKONZERT (by Esther Becker) on 5 September. However, a binding programme can only be published after the summer break, on 14 August.

The GRIPS Theatre offers a comprehensive online schedule and digital programme on all channels. Every day you will find new content on Social Media. On "" you can inform yourself about the entire programme. Every Friday from 6 pm on, the recording of one of the GRIPS children's plays will be streamed free of charge for one week. For children and teenagers there are additional contributions to participate (Beiträgen zum Mitmachenon the site.



Tanzkomplizen Berlin auf der Bühne: Shut up and dance
Tanzkomplizen Berlin © Foto: René Löffler

The Tanzkomplizen (dance accomplices) convey the art form dance to young people. Since they are currently unable to show their performances in the Schillertheater-Werkstatt in Charlottenburg as usual, they invite you to their virtual stage. New pieces are published weekly, including discussion about the piece. There are also inspirations and movement tasks to participate in.


Galli Theater

Child in the theatre
Child in the theatre © Carmen MartA-nez BanAs

The Galli Theater is playing again! Outside in the courtyards. Look forward to fairytale evenings - and also the odd clown act.

Online you can find  a real potpourri for children and young theatre lovers. Browse through the virtual fairy tale book selection and listen to the most beautiful classics. There are regular online theatre courses for children and young people and funny evening theatre shows, a pleasant alternative to bingewatching. Currently, coaching sessions and theatre workshops for adults are also offered.

Galli Theater

Theaterdiscounter: TD Zwischenspiele

Despite the fears about the existence of the house, the theatre discounter announces the beginning of the 18th season in September. The start of the season is September 3.

The innovative online formats such as the TD interludes can still be accessed. This includes the city walk through Berlin, created in cooperation with the RAUM+ZEIT collective, based on Thomas Mann's famous novella "Death in Venice" ("Der Tod in Venedig". The starting point is the George Monument in the Nikolai Quarter. Directly from the empty theatre rooms Jean Paul broadcasts with SIEBENKÄS and of course you can also discover one or the other find in TDPF (Theater Discounter Portable Format). 

TD Zwischenspiele


Venue Dock 11 is in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
entrance into Dock 11 © visitBerlin

Since 2 June the dance school has been gradually reopening. You can also be there live at the premiere of HELLO KEVIN/Installation of the Senses on July 30th, but the number of participants is limited to ten.

In a virtual theatre hall, DOCK 11 experiments with new formats. You can watch dance films, take dance lessons and experience how festival formats are successfully adapted for the online world.


Wintergarten Berlin: Quariete

Conservatory Hall in Berlin
Conservatory Hall in Berlin © © Wintergarten Varieté 2017

In the Wintergarten the curtains go up again from 28 August. New in the programme is Golden Years, the 20's Varieté Revue No. 2, advance booking is already underway.

In Addition the Wintergarten currently offers tickets for virtual performances. It's up to you how much you want to spend or donate for your "Quariete show" at home. The link to the show will be sent to you by e-mail. In the programme you will find "Staunen: Circus of Stars", "Twist again!", "Der helle Wahnsinn", "Woodstock Varieté Show" and soon also "Zauber Zauber".

Wintergarten Quariete

Couch-Theater Thikwa Classics

Theater Thikwa
© Theater Thikwa

The Thikwa-season starts on 19 August with the premiere of Fact to Face. Here, two performers* meet five times for 15 minutes each. A colorful open-air theater journey in the yard of the Thikwa Workshop.

Where: Fidicinstraße 3, Kreuzberg

The Thikwa Theatre opens its archives and invites to the Couch Theatre. The online video channel presents productions from 28 Thikwa years. Wow, this goes back to the 1990s. Have fun!

Couch-Thater: Thikwa Classics

Livestream HAU Hebbel am Ufer

© visitBerlin, Foto: Angela Kröll

The new season of HAU Hebbel am Ufer starts on September 19. From September 1st you can buy tickets in advance.

Until then Hebbel am Ufer continues to show a selective online programme. The opening of the Spy on Me #2 festival has been moved to the HAU-YouTube channel in an "artistic manoeuvre for the digital present". This means that you can now watch theatre performances, discussions and dialogues, as well as selected films from the HAU from the comfort of your living room.

HAU Online Schedule

Livestream Schlosspark Theater

Schlosspark Theater 2
© Derdehmel/Urbschat

At least the box office of the Schlossparktheater is open to the public again. After the summer break at the beginning of August the stage is open again! On August 14th the ensemble will take you on a quest for the holy grail. The musical is based on Monty Python's film "The Knights of the Coconut. Until then you can get the theater via YouTube in your living room.

Livestream Schlosspark Theater

Streaming Program of the Deutschen Oper Berlin

© Leo Seidel

At the end of August the Deutsche Oper plays on the Parkdeck. However, both the Rheingold and Die BigBand on the parking deck: The Duke are already sold out. Advance sales for further performances will be staggered, mostly in mid-August. So it's worth checking the website from time to time. There are also many favourite pieces online.

Online program of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

 ufa Fabrik

Circus tent
Circus tent © Steward

The open air stage in the roofed summer garden is open, some restrictions and regulations apply; and not all performances will take place. But just drop by and have a look. Café Olé is also serving again. And if you prefer to watch from the comfort of their own homes you look forward to a colourful online programme ranging from theatre, music, cabaret, variety shows and dance to children's circus.

ufa Fabrik


Friedrichstadtpalast at night
Friedrichstadtpalast at night © (c) visumate

Although the performances are cancelled until the end of the year due to renovation work, a surprise awaits you on the website of the Friedrichstadtpalast. Here, around 200 employees and members of the young ensemble show what is most important in these times: hope, solidarity and - you will certainly remember the message from the VIVID Grand Show - a declaration of love for life.

The world's longest Kickline

 Neuköllner Oper

Neuköllner Oper Berlin
Neuköllner Oper Berlin © Caterina Rancho

From now on there will be a sneak peak in the courtyard of the Passage to the Neuköllner Oper every Friday at 19.19 hrs (7.19 pm) on the upcoming programme. On August 1, the season starts with "Die Fleisch". The chamber play-like opernn drama by the Japanese composer Kósçak ("Kosaku") Yamada is about the girl Ayamé. Ayamé has to work as a prostitute to pay off the debts of her deceased father and to restore the family's honor. You can also find numerous digital offers on the website of the Neuköllner Opera House.

Neuköllner Oper

Curtain up ...

  • The Atze Musiktheater - plays outside, directly in front of the ATZE Musiktheater. 
  • The Deutsche Oper Berlin offers small concerts in the courtyards of senior and nursing homes during Corona times. What else? The special production Das Rheingold on the parking deck at the end of August is already sold out. Therefore: Secure tickets for the coming season quickly online.
  • The Shakespeare Company Berlin will be performing on the Südparkgelände in a modified form.
  • The Theaterdiscounter has - despite existential threat - announced the next season.
  • The Galli Theater took the stage outside! Look forward to fairytale evenings in the courtyards.
  • The ufaFabrik is playing on the open air stage in the roofed summer garden.

Here you can support your local artists

Stage of Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Stage of Haus der Berliner Festspiele © Chiussi/Agentur StandArt

Not only for the BKA Theater, but for many stages, theaters and cultural workers, the closures in the course of the Corona-Kirse represent an existential threat. You can help!

  • The initiative #meinekartemeinebühne, for example, calls for a sign of solidarity with the artists. If you can afford it, you can, for example, simply waive the refund of your ticket.
  • Through openPetition you can donate online for freelancers and artists during the Corona shutdown. Thanks!
  • Consider to not return your tickets for cancelled shows
  • Get some tickets for shows in the fall now!

We have collected further possibilities to support each other in times of crisis here for you.

Neighbourhood Assistance in Berlin

Further Livestreams:

Frau mit Smartphone fotografiert leuchtene Herzformen in der Stadt
© Getty Images, Foto: Artur Debat

Classical music in time of crisis

Get your tickets now ...

What else?

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