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Berlin moments in the Times of Corona


Sunset at Alexanderplatz Berlin, subway station
Sunset at Alexanderplatz Berlin, subway station © Getty Images, Foto: fhm

At first we were surprised, maybe even frightened by the news and pictures from China. But for a long time we didn't want to and couldn't believe it completely. And then the Corona crisis hit us with full force. On Friday 13 March Berlin was more or less closed down. But the Berliners* don't let themselves be beaten down, they keep going, with music and culture, some sassy and snotty, but always in solidarity. Join us on an Instagram exploration through the recent Berlin history and the most memorable moments of recent times.

The longest Kickline ever

Friedrichstadt-Palast just put together the longest #Kickline in the world. Featuring almost 200 colleagues and members of the young ensemble the online performance is an extraordinary portion of joie de vivre. Intendant Berndt Schmidt sets the beat, the message #stayVIVID. Feel free to join the movement, start kicking the #stayhome blues!

Digital Training Sessions from Berlin

Opera singer gives spontaneous concert in Schöneberg

No, not only the Italians can celebrate the beauty of the moment with their vocal power. Anna Prohaska, soprano at the Berlin State Opera, gave her neighbours in Schöneberg a spontaneous concert. The mini-documentary followed immediately, of course. Because the media are also currently happy to report on anything that gives a little hope.

Berlin, we love you

Somewhere over the Rainbow

If you are in the mood for more classical music, you will of course also find it on our site. On our blog we collect all digital offers and livestreams from Berlin for you. By the way, the first big broadcast of "Carmen" live from the Staatsoper Unter den Linden by rbb was watched by 160,000 people. You can find more digital concerts here:

Classical music in times of crisis

Message from the Charité Berlin

"Take the situation seriously." This is the message from the intensive care unit at Charité. There are 2000 intensive care beds in the city (source: rbb of 16 March). A new hospital for corona patients is to be built on the exhibition grounds. Doctors and nurses work tirelessly - in all the city's clinics.

The Charité and other series in which Berlin plays the leading role

We'll be here for you. You stay home for us, please!

A huge thank you also from us, and another tip: You can send power packs to hospital staff via the Kreuzberg restaurant Barcomis. Of course we also have tips on how to cook for yourself. But now a round of applause.

Streetfood without Street

Applause for Doctors and Nurses

The solidarity between young and old between neighbours, colleagues and everywhere in the city is simply incredible. As if out of nowhere, gift fences (Gabenzäune) have sprung up in the city.

Gift fence at Boxhagener Platz

There are currently about 50 such gift fences in Berlin. Where exactly they are can be found on this interactive map. Further possibilities to support your community and your neighbours can be found here:

Neighbourhood assistance in Berlin

The Berlin police reports an overall drop in the crime rate

Tirelessly they ask people in parks and on streets to keep the minimum distance. "Let's face it: it's not an easy time right now, not for anyone, but if we grit our teeth and stick together now, it will pass," writes the Berlin police on their Instagram channel. After all, the daily newspapers are reporting an overall drop in the crime rate.

Current information about the situation in Berlin

Who left their valuables in the M85?

Yes, the toilet paper. Who's not wondering where it went? According to retail statistics, sales of the paper rolls increased by 700 percent. Amazon is said to have taken out retailers with overpriced offers. Anyone who is a real Berliner knows how to help himself, for example Joab Nist from Notes of Berlin.

Where you can go shopping right now 

Notes of Berlin

And because we are already talking about the flowers and the bees, we don't want to withhold a video about our cutest city dwellers from you. Directly from the Berlin Zoo.

Panda Paule shows how to keep fit

In fact, sport and exercise are important to stay mentally healthy in these times. Numerous yoga and fitness studios in the city are therefore currently bringing many offers directly into your living room, for example ALBA, which posts a digital sports lesson for schoolchildren* every day.

More about the Pandas at Zoo Berlin

The Challenge with Alba Athletic Trainer Fab

That looks pretty tough. You might want to start off with some yoga exercises first. Or you could try your hand at virtual nightlife.

Digital Training Sessions from Berlin

United we Stream & Stay Home Club Berlin

With United We Stream the Berlins club scene is sending the vibes of Berlins most legendary clubs directly into your living room. Now you can order the party supplies and drinks from Stay Home Club Berlin, an association of several Berlin beverage producers, and support the participating clubs.

More about United We Stream

Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises

Immediate help also came from the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. As of April 1 (and this is no April joke), the Senate Administration has already been able to help over 100,000 self-employed and freelancers with Emergency Aid II.

Support for Berlin's Businesses

"Ode to Joy"

Music connects. And so the musicians of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin played Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" together with many other musicians all over Germany. The German Orchestra Foundation called for this event on March 22. The foundation ensures that particularly needy musicians will also be supported during these times.

Berlin stages keep playing online

The Stadtmuseum looks into the past

The Plague Doctor is one of the highlight objects in the current exhibition of the Stadtmuseum, BerlinZeit. Like all other exhibitions and venues, the Stadtmuseum is of course currently closed. At least you can visit it virtually.

Visit Berlin's Museums online

Igor Levit is biting his teeth

"Going full Jimmy Hendrix" is what the pianist Igor Levit wrote under this Instagram post. Every day he plays for his fans on Instagram and Twitter, recently even backwards or as in the picture above, with his teeth. Well, what are Corona and curfew doing with you guys?

The Berlin-Program for your living room

Theo sends the Corona virus on vacation forever

The five year old Theo sent this Easter wish to radioeins. And we cannot agree more. We are also happy about all the beautiful, colourful chalk pictures that are currently showing up on every piece of asphalt in the city. Stay healthy, hold on and send us your own Berlin moments. Because it's the moments that count - however long this crisis may last. It will pass.

Take care of each other!

Stay healthy and please stay home when...

  • it is not absolutely necessary to go out

And here you will find an overview of the current situation in Berlin.

Josefine Köhn-Haskins


ist in München aufgewachsen, hat dort studiert und bei der SZ volontiert. Auf der Suche nach neuen Abenteuern entdeckte sie erst New York, dann Miami und berichtete als Trendscout und Korrespondentin für verschiedene Publikationen. Ihr Zuhause fand sie dann aber in Berlin. Fasziniert von den vielen Facetten der Stadt ist sie kreuz und quer in den Kiezen unterwegs und beschäftigt sich gerne mit Zukunftsideen und Smart City Konzepten für ein innovatives Berlin.