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The hit list of hit lists for summer in Berlin

Chill out with music at Berlin Mauerpark
Chill out with music at Berlin Mauerpark © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Top of the Tops: the superlatives of Berlin tips! Now, in the height of summer, we'd like to bring together the best Top 10 and Top 11 lists in Berlin blogs. If you tick off the 95 or so tips, you will have made full use of the warm, sunny days offered by summer in Berlin. Have fun!

Eating, drinking, going out

Top 11 ice cream shops

Summertime is ice cream time! There are some 500 ice cream shops in Berlin alone, each serving an average of 2,571 scoops on a sunny day like today. Whether full-fat ice cream, sherbets, soft-serve or sorbets, whether classic chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or extravagant varieties, we've forced ourselves to try ice cream everywhere we go and now present a small selection of Berlin's best.

11 x ice cream

Top 10 family-friendly restaurants and cafés

Eating and playing can go hand-in-hand in Berlin. We recommend restaurants, cafés and beer gardens for the whole family. Here the kids can wiggle, crawl under the table, and make a mess. And the adjacent playgrounds are perfect for the little ones to let off some steam.

10 x spending time with the family

Top 10 street food markets and food trucks

Iberian steamed pork, Thai tapioca dumplings, or Vietnamese porridge? Berlin's street food markets offer an entire world of culinary choices. Food trucks are also all the rage and here is a list of the best locations.

10 x trying trends on the streets

Out into nature!

Top 11 Lakes for Swimming

With 3,000 lakes and more than 30,000 km of rivers and other flowing streams, Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg has the most inland bodies of water in Germany and, naturally, as many places to take a swim as their are grains of sand on a beach. Whether it's a traditional lakeside beach, an idyllic bay in the woods, an artificial lake, or a beach along the Spree, Havel and Dahme rivers, when the temperatures rise in the summers, what are often crystal clear waters beckon the city's residents and visitors. So you know where you can go for a dip in and around Berlin, we've put together a list of our favourite lakes for swimming.

11 x going for a dip in Berlin

Top 11 spots for great photos in Berlin

Let's go on a photo safari around Berlin: We've listed eleven places that offer the most beautiful views of the city.

11 x grabbing your camera

In good times and bad

Top 10 things to do in nice weather

When the sun's shining and the temperatures are climbing, it makes sense that everyone in Berlin heads outdoors, whether to the city's parks and gardens or out onto its extensive waterways.

10 x basking in the sun

Top 11 tips for Berlin in the rain

Overcast? The barometer has fallen into a bottomless pit and the Doppler radar is red? This can occur every once in a while during summer in Berlin. No need to despair, because in Berlin there is no bad weather, just unfortunate places to be caught without an umbrella. We present the most beautiful places for a rainy day in the capital.

11 x opening your umbrella

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