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11 reasons to look forward to the VIVID Grand Show

The new show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast

The new VIVID Grand Show will take place in the Friedrichstadt-Palast and will thrill the audience with furious acrobatics and breathtaking choreographies. The opulent show tells the story of the android R'eye, who sets out in search of her true self.
If you haven't seen her yet, then we have 11 reasons for you to enjoy this glamorous spectacle.

1. The Hats

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The most famous hat maker in the world, Philip Treacey, has created the incredible hat creations of the show. Philip Treacy has designed hats for "Harry Potter" and "Sex and the City" as well as for Victoria and David Beckham, Madonna, Lady Gaga. And even the high nobility swears by the recorded designer: Duchesses Kate and Meghan, Queen Silvia of Sweden and even the Queen wear his creations.

2. The Stage design

Haus in einem Hut rot beleuchtet VIVID Show Berlin
© Brinkhoff Moegenburg

The whole show is a fascinating colour frenzy. Michael Cotton, who designed the stage design, had previously designed shows for Katy Perry, Bette Midler and Michael Jackson. His stage is a glittering dream that lets you immerse yourself in the fantastic worlds of giant butterflies and salamanders performing on flower stems.

3. The Superlatives

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VIVID is a gigantic show of superlatives. More than 100 artists perform and show their skills. With 12 million Euros, VIVID Grand Show has the highest production budget ever. 

4. The Acrobatics

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Acrobatics and artistry at the highest level await you. The highlight of the thrill is the "Double Wheels of Steel" act of the Latin American quartet The Navas Troupe, which will take your breath away. The number is unique worldwide. 

5. The costumes

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Costume designer Stefano Canulli is a master of his trade. The drawings of his creations hang in the New York Museum of Modern Art. For the show in the palace he has designed extravagant costumes in all rainbow colours.

6. The Director

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Krista Monson is the first woman ever to direct a grand show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast. She also wrote the book about the show. Krista Monson previously worked for Cirque du Soleil and stars like Céline. 

7. The Girls' dance routine

VIVID Showbuehne in Berlin
© Brinkhoff Moegenburg

A must in any show: the legendary show girl formation, in which the girls dance in unbelievably precise synchrony. And every time you ask yourself which new choreography will interpret her iconic revue number. So much can be revealed: You won't be disappointed.

8. The  Actress

VIVID Grand Show Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin
© Friedrichstadt-Palast

 Devi-Ananda Dahn is the star of the show. She plays the android R'eye, whose fascinating journey to herself is the focus of the show. She takes you on her emotional journey as a little android who is slowly changing and will surely touches your heart.

9. The Music

beleuchtete blaue Buehne VIVID Show in Berlin
© Brinkhoff Moegenburg

Of course, the show also lives from the music and the individual numbers, which the singers perform with a lot of feeling. Surely one or the other song will stay in your ear for a long time.

10. The Reviews

Schmetterlin in schwarz weiß und orange auf der VIVID Show Berlin
© Robert Grischek

The audience cheered the show with applause and standing ovations at the premiere. And the critics were also enthusiastic about the VIVID Grand Show. The Berliner Zeitung writes: "Don't miss it! VIVID is the best thing that has ever been seen on this stage". And the Berliner Morgenpost: "A crazy, surreal trip with always new surprises. Best entertainment ever".

11. The Universality

Frau in beigem Kostuem VIVID Show Berlin
© Robert Grischek

The show is understandable for everyone even without any knowledge of German. The journey of R'eye is told through music, dance and acrobatics and radiates glamour and refinement.

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