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BigRep at work
BigRep at work © visitBerlin


Market and technology leader in mass-produced 3-D printers

The world's largest mass-produced 3-D printers come from Berlin. Able to print 3-D objects with a volume of more than one cubic metre, the BigRep ONE.2 is further proof that Berlin is in many ways a city of superlatives.

From innovative start-up to market leader in just a year

The manufacturer is BigRep, a start-up founded just in 2014, but already the market and technology leader in the field of mass-produced 3-D printers. The young company has already come quite close to meeting its lofty goals of changing design, prototyping and industrial production from the ground up. The BigRep ONE.2 closes the gap between model-printing and industrial 3-D printers.