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Kollwitzkiez in Pankow, Berlin
Kollwitzkiez in Pankow © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Berlin's best children's shops

Where shopping is great for the little ones.

Shopping is fun, but, let's face it, sometimes the kids can get on your nerves. It doesn't have to be this way. Come browse with us through some of the city's best children's shops. There's more to discover here than cute clothes and cool design.

Playful shopping: how to make shopping fun for children

Family Shopping
Family Shopping © Getty Images, Foto: grki

Play allowed! At Limonadenbaum , a colourful play corner turns shopping with children into paradise. At Ella und Monster, there is a lot for little ones to discover in large baskets and glasses. While your little treasure rummages through the playthings, you can work on putting together a nice new outfit for a night out on the town.

Made in Berlin: children's shops with their own design labels

It's important for children to be able to move well in their clothes. All children love soft fabrics and comfortable cuts. Lila Lämmchen offers children's fashions made from certified fair trade, natural textiles. These are beautiful things made of light silk, soft cotton, and cuddly wool.

Shopping in Berlin: perfect for little stars

Kollwitzkiez in Berlin
Kollwitzkiez © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

If you are looking for a very individual souvenir from Berlin, we recommend the handmade basics, felt bags, and cushions from La fraise rouge, embroidered with your child's name and favourite motif. But it can be even more individual. At Me & My Mum, you can even find a fabric you love for your own custom creation. The company's own children's fashion label from founder Thomas Koch provides inspiration.

Shopping in Berlin: not to be missed

Everything that makes your life easier when travelling with children can be had at Zuckerfrei Berlin, including shiny stainless steel drinking bottles and small backpacks. And with a scooter in tow, the little ones will be taking the lead on the next shopping tour. We love the bright red mushroom lamp and the Supergirl who hides as a wall clock in the children's room. Let's just hope you brought a big suitcase with you to Berlin!

1. Kreuzberg: La fraise rouge

Here you'll find cheeky favourites for the little ones. Whether it's basics, scarves, or cuddle toys, you can have the seamstresses here embroider the new item with your child's name. As this can take 1-3 days depending on your wishes and their current workload, you can call ahead to order the personalisation in advance or order it directly in the online shop. For kids heading off to school, there are bags made of 100% merino felt with favourite motifs such as dinosaurs or kittens. Nowhere else in Berlin is shopping with children so cute.

La fraise rouge
Großbeerenstraße 64A
10963 Berlin

© la fraise rouge UG

2. Friedrichshain: Ella & Monster

Ella und Monster offers racing cars, sparkling tiaras, yo-yos, and much more waiting to be discovered in large jars and baskets. Little princesses and knights can rummage here to their hearts' content. This gives you time to be inspired by the loving selection of unusual children's fashion. A shop that makes young and old happy!

Ella und Monster
Gärtnerstraße 8
10245 Berlin

© Ella und Monster

3. Friedrichshain: Limonadenbaum

Fresh as lemonade on a sunny day: let yourself be inspired by the mixture of selected second-hand pieces, brand-name clothing, and pieces from the store's own design workshop. The perfect blend of old and new. Limonadenbaum offers an individual and affordable Berlin look for your children.

Nansenstr. 17
12047 Berlin

4. Neukölln: zuckerfrei | Kids Concept Store

Everything that makes your shopping trip through Berlin with children easier can be found at Zuckerfrei Berlin. From children's backpacks to water bottles to wheels, you'll find 1000 beautiful things here. But be careful: the wooden puzzles and toys are so beautiful that you won't want to leave without one of each.

zuckerfrei | Kids Concept Store
Anzengruberstraße 12
12043 Berlin


5. Prenzlauer Berg: Lila Lämmchen

Pure nature: for a decade now, Lila Lämmchen has been the place to go for everyone who loves natural textiles when shopping for kids. Fuzzy cotton, warm new wool, the finest silk: these items of clothing will make your darling feel good all around. Nearby you will find the Lila Lämmchen shoe shop and Lila Grün with green adult fashion.

Lilia Lämmchen
Dunckerstraße 79
10437 Berlin

© Lila Lämmchen

6. Prenzlauer Berg: Me & My Mum

Berlin's DIY dream: a visit to Me & My Mum is a real blast of colour. Owner Theo Koch is always looking for dreamy and playful motifs from Japan, Scandinavia, France, and the USA. So that you can get started straight away, the Berlin shop for children's fashion also has the necessary sewing tools on hand. The in-house label provides inspiration.

Me & My Mum
Marienburger Str. 2
10405 Berlin