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The store for kimono and Japan fans

Artful kimonos in all variations: At Aura in Neukölln, you'll find the classic Japanese garments in all shapes and colours. The right advice comes with it.

Style-conscious clothing with understatement

Dressng thing, the translation of the Japanese word kimono, is a clear understatement for the colourful and complex robes. The visual spectrum of kimonos ranges from floral patterns and depictions of landscapes to noble monochrome robes made of the finest fabrics.
If traditional Japanese robes inspire you, Aura in Neukölln is the place to go. Here, everything revolves around the clothing from the land of the rising sun. Women will find what they're looking for just as much as men. And there are even kimonos for children in the range.

Kimono - the antithesis of fast fashion

The kimonos at Aura are slow fashion in the best sense.Some of the pieces are almost 100 years old and yet have lost none of their beauty. But the kimonos are also slow and thoughtful in another sense. Because you should not only plan time for choosing the right outfit. Putting it on also requires some practised hand movements. If you don't want to hire a professional kimono donning assistant (a profession in Japan), you can simply ask for help at Aura
And if you first want to test whether the noble Japanese garment suits you, you can also find help here.Y ou can not only buy kimonos at Aura, but also rent them.The decision will certainly be easy afterwards.