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View inside the me Collectors Room
View inside the me Collectors Room © me Collectors Room Berlin, Foto: Bernd Borchardt

Arts in Auguststraße

Immerse yourself in the booming arts scene

Take a walk along Auguststraße, which since reunification has become one of the most exciting and well-known centres of contemporary art in Berlin. Many galleries have opened here, including exhibition spaces of a very special kind: the me Collectors Room Berlin will surprise you with a cabinet of curiosities, where you can view more than 200 Renaissance and Baroque objects ranging from the amazing to the odd. It also shows contemporary exhibitions and international art collections. Next door you’ll find the fascinating KW Institute for Contemporary Art – an art laboratory which presents and actively produces the latest developments in German and international art. No wonder that every two years, Auguststraße is the centre of the Berlin Bienniale for Contemporary Art!
Enjoying art is hungry work: you can enjoy culinary treats in many of the smart restaurants on Auguststraße!
Spandauer Vorstadt between Oranienburger Straße and Torstraße is an area full of restaurants, bars and attractions.

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