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We keep you informed during the Corona crises:


About the current situation in Berlin


Guidelines in view of the corona epidemic in Germany


On our emergency page you will find all important information and updates on the current situation in Berlin. We have compiled the addresses and telephone numbers of embassies, consulates, train stations, airports and hospitals for you.


Our Service Center can provide you with more information

+49 (0) 30 25 00 25

AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin

Submerge yourself in a fascinating underwater world.

Take an exciting underwater trip and discover more than 5,000 fascinating aquatic animals. Follow the path that water takes from the Spree River to the depths of the Atlantic and then on to tropical areas. Experience a very special type of dive in the AquaDom, the largest freestanding aquarium in the world. Get in the glass elevator and swim through one million litres of saltwater and swarms of tropical fish.

Informations for school classes

Aqua Dom & Sea Life is an extra-curricular learning location. Learning and work material is available for teachers online. Admittance costs 4.50 Euros per school pupil – this includes a free introduction and a tour of Aqua Dom. The “discovery tour”, a conducted, interactive tour can be booked for an extra 2 Euros per pupil. For each group of 15 pupils, two accompanying teachers get in free.